Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Trooper Drooper

Droopy here!

I have had a busy busy week and it's only Tuesday!

Stupid t-shirt! But it's extra long just for bassets!

After days and days of wearing a silly shirt Momma took me to the vet on Monday and had my stitches taken out!

No more stitches!!!!!!!!

The vet and the vet techs said my belly healed super well!!! The vet also got back my lab results from my funny lump. It was a low-grade cancerous lump. I've had one other lump like this. I don't have to do chemo or anything; Momma just has to watch out for more lumpy bumpies!

Then today Momma told me it was time to go back to the eye doctor.

Mom I don't want to go to the eye doctor!

The eye doctor was the same. Lots of drops, shiny lights in my eyes, and whatnot.

Not a happy Droopy!

Momma said I was very good, even though I whined and grumbled throughout the entire visit. The doctor said I still lots of drops but I don't mind.

Momma was loading me into the car when I heard her say 'Hey look there's Fetch!' and I replied 'What's fetch? I know of no such word.'

Well we have a new doggie store in New Orleans called Fetch! and it's across the street from the eye doctor! Of course Momma and I beelined it over to the store!


I though it was an awesome store! Lots of treats, foodables, toys, bowls, and shampoos! Momma bought me a bag of delicious crunchy liver treats, which I was told I have to share with Smiley, Kayah and Mickey. Too bad cause those treats are yummy!!!!!!

Then Momma drove us home and I immediately went to my busy day of napping.

Well back to my nap!
Sniff ya later,
Droopy and the other CheeseHounds

P.S. These two are so silly!

P.S.S. Momma here:
I know the cancerous lump thing sounds a bit scary but let me explain. Droopy was spayed late in life, when she was 9. Droopy is an old lady who is prone to funny lumps. I found a lump 3 years ago, which was also cancerous. Our vet feels that with the lumps being so small, the fact that the entire lump has been removed, with no signs of it spreading anywhere else, and the fact that it is low grade that we don't have anything to worry about. We keep an eye out and have managed to catch both lumps when they were extremely small; we're talking pea sized! So no worries! I hate putting Droopy through surgery to have the lumps removed but the last lump was cancerous and so was this one so I feel like I'd rather be safe then sorry.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Droopy Returns

Please excuse my delay is posting about my splurgery but I've been resting.

My teeth are nice and shiny and clean! Plus I didn't have to have any of them pulled.

I also had a small lump removed from my mammary area. I have about 15 stitches. I'm doing well with them but they're so itchy so Momma's forced me to wear this silly shirt.

The v-e-t also took more pictures of my bladder stone. And good news: it hasn't gotten any bigger. Hurray!!!!!!! Meanwhile, the v-e-t is trying me out on a super duper bladder stone dissolving food!

I think the new food is delicious while Momma thinks it looks and smells gross! If it makes my bladder stone go away who cares!

Well time to back to recuperating!

Sniff ya later,

P.S. Smiley, Kayah, and Mickey are doing great but this post is all about me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paws Crossed

Keep your paws crossed for Droopy today! She's going to the vet to have her teethies cleaned, get a small lump removed and get some x-rays of her bladder stone.

Droopy got a clean bill of health last week at the vet but there were just a few things that needed to get taken care of, like the funny lump. We always worry about Droopy getting anesthesia since she is an old lady but the vet did blood work and everything came back ok!

Paws Crossed!!!!!!!!

The CheeseHounds

P.S. Everybody else is doing good and we have lots of catching up to do!