Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What in the World Wednesday!!!

What in the world Momma! What in the world!!!

Droopy here! Momma bought me a product called Doggles (doggie goggles!) to help with my eyes when we're out and about! My eyes tend to get very red and irritated because all the pollen and yucky stuff gets trapped in my droopy eyes. I'll let you know how it goes! Crazy momma!

You might notice there's an extra basset, who isn't Smiley, in the above picture. Well that is Corey and he's our new foster basset. Well he's been here a few weeks and we just haven't had time to post about him!!! Oopsie! He's a super sweet and ridiculously funny boy!!! We're enjoying his stay here. Best part is he loves clothes!!! Momma is having a good time playing dress up with him.

Corey, the goofiest basset ever

Sniff ya later,
The CheeseHounds (and Corey)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eye doctor time!

Hey everybody!! Droopy here!

Well Tuesday was my 6 month check up at the doggie eye doctor.

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Mom can we go home now?

Mom I really think it's time to go home!

I was very good while we waited and only barked at everybody!!! I even tried to make friends with another dog in the lobby but Mommma said he was too nervous and I needed to leave him alone.

Checking the pressure in my eye

I let the doc poke and prod me and even shine bright lights in my eye!!! Momma said I behaved super well!

The doctor said that my eyes look ok but the tear product (which keeps your eye moist) in my right eye is almost zero! He told Momma I have to have more eye drops everyday!!! I am now up to EIGHT DROPS EVERYDAY!!!!!

Momma is slightly overwhelmed with the amount of drops per day but I am very good when she does my drops. When I see the eye dropper I sit, let Momma do my drops, and then I get a tasty treat!!!!

I have to go back to the eye doctor in two months for a recheck. UGH!

Momma bribed me with lots of cheesy treats and then we went home and took a nice nap.

Well that's all for now!
Droopy (and the other CheeseHounds)

A Note from Momma

So eight drops a day is a bit overwhelming but left alone the lack of tear production can lead to Droopy's eye getting so scratched that she is blind or the eye needing to be removed. I made a checklist that makes life a little easier and we'll just have to get into the routine of it!!!

Luckily the assortment of drops are easy to get filled at the pharmacy and Droopy is so good about having them done. Plus bribing her with a treat does wonders!!! She's had drops done most of her life and she is so easy to medicate!

Neopolydex on the left, cyclosporin in the middle and genteal on the right

The neopolydex is before and after breakfast, the cyclosporin is before and after dinner and then once more in the right eye. and the genteal is at bedtime and then once more in the right eye. It's all about routine!!!