Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gone but not forgotten


It's been one year.
You are gone but not forgotten.
We miss you everyday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excuse our absence

Sorry about our absence! Momma had a birthday and she was so busy celebrating that she wouldn't help us with the blog!!!! This is what we've been up to:

Kayah got a new toy. It's really a cat toy but shhh... don't tell her!
It rattles and keeps her amused!

We've had lots of rain so Droopy has taken the chance to catch up of her napping.

Smiley is working on her three-legged dog impression!

Well we're gonna work on catching up on everybody's blogs!

The CheeseHounds

P.S. Momma got a new laptop so the blogging is going so much easier!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big news!!!!!!!

Mickey got adopted!!!!!

Momma here!

I figured I'd blog about the big even cause the other pups weren't there.

Before I get to the main event I need to tell you guys Mickey's beginnings. Mickey was found in a church parking lot by some construction workers. This was back in February so it was freezing and rainy. Mickey was skin and bone and the most pitiful thing you've ever seen.

I know some of these pictures are a bit graphic but bear with me.

He weighed roughly 40 lbs. and was beat up and was just sad to look at. Well he was only suppose to stay a week, isn't that the story! The two directors of My Heart's Desire were going out of town and Mickey needed some serious TLC so he came to the CheeseHound household, mainly cause I'm the hound loving volunteer.

Mickey was here for a few days and the left side of his neck started to swell. A trip to the vet left us with questions. It turned out to be an abscess, which by the time the vet drained it was roughly the size of a grapefruit. Poor man wound up with two drains in his neck. Talk about yuck!!!

This was a first for me! As horrific as this looks Mickey's neck healed beautifully!!!

Then we had neuter surgery. Another first for me... I've only ever owned female dogs. Once more he healed beautifully! By this time Mickey had been at our house for about a month and we were fine with it!

All of our blog followers know about Mickey's heartworm treatment. Fortunately not a first for me, I've been through heartworm treatment a few times before. It's not a fun time for human or dog.

Mickey had put on weight and been through all sorts of craziness and was ready for a home!!! Last official weight I had on him was 72lbs!!!!

I brought him to My Heart's Desire on Saturday, because the shelter was having a July 4th event!

Mickey was hanging out in a crate and I was running around cleaning crates and doing the volunteer thing. I got called over because a young guy was looking at Mickey! This guy came in looking for a calm, small dog. Well after a lot of talking and a nice walk outside with Mickey, he decided to adopt him.

Mickey and his new dad

After a call to the vet, Mickey was adopted! Turns out his new home is two blocks behind the shelter. Mickey will be an only dog but his new grandma has two shar pei's and a labradoodle for Mickey to play with!

I couldn't be happier for Mickey! I, of course, cried and I miss him lots and lots but this was the whole point of fostering him and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Momma, Mickey and Mickey's new dad

Love to all the pups especially the fosters!