Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Momma and Callie today

Hey everybody!

Callie here! Droopy is at the vet's office today getting her teethies cleaned so it's just Momma and me today.

That's fine with me cause I haven't been feeling well lately. My tummy hurts most days and I'm just not interested in kibble. I've been eating rice and chicken with some sweet potatoes or peas. Momma says my liver enzymes are still very high. Well I'm gonna go back to my nap before grumpy Droopy comes home.

Sniff ya later,
Callie (and Droopy too)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Momma says we're strange puppies some days but we have no idea what she's talking about.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peanut butter wednesday

Look our first movie!!!!!!! Just ignore Momma's voice! We promise she's not usually that crazy on a daily basis.

Sniffa ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Check up time

Droopy here

I went for my yearly vet visit today.

I've gained 7 pounds so I now weigh 54 pounds! Dr. Bell said I could stand to lose a little weight. My eyes look good and my ears look good. Some of my teeth aren't looking so good but then again I'm almost 12 years old. Other than that I got a clean bill of health from Dr. Bell!

Callie is doing well this week. She's pretty pooped out, which isn't that uncommon after her chemo. Her appetite is kinda off kilter this week too. Sometimes she has to be prompted to eat and sometimes she cleans the entire food bowl without a second glance.

Well it's almost dinner time, gotta go annoy momma!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Callie and the Chemo Round 3 and a ruff couple of days

Droopy here

I'm taking over the blog so Callie can rest. We're had a crazy couple of ruff doggie days.

Callie went to chemo yesterday and I won't bore you with the details. Callie and Momma did have to stay at Dr. Liz's an extra little bit because another doggie was there getting it's chemo before Callie.

Jennifer, Dr. Liz's vet tech, talked to Momma about Callie liver. She said Callie's liver enzymes were super elevated and Callie needed to go on some special medicine. The medicine is made from milk thistle and should help Callie's liver. The only bad thing is if Callie's liver doesn't get better than Dr. Liz and Momma are gonna have think about changing Callie's chemo.

Other than that Callie is doing pretty well with her chemo.

Earlier in the week we found out that our friend Dodger (he's not a bloggie doggie) got hit by a car.

His Momma had to bring him to the doggie emergency room. He's gonna be ok- he had to get 15 stitches and has a concussion.

We also found out that one of our favorite rescue groups, The Sula Foundation, lost their namesake. Sula was a famous puppy! Her Daddy writes doggie books and put her on the cover of one of his books!
Sula the Pit Bull

We are very sad that Sula is gone. She was a stunning example of how super sweet pit bulls can be!

Sorry I made this bloggie post so sad! Hopefully we will have happier news to share in the coming days.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cake culprit

Droopy and Callie here

We have a cake culprit in our house!!!! Oh nose!!!!!!

It all started with our Dad's birthday on Friday so Momma brought home a ginormous cookie, that the humans are claiming is really a cake. Momma told us it was a chocolate chip cookie cake so it was not basset hound friendly!

This giant cookie was left on the kitchen table and a chair wasn't pushed in all the way and the cake culprit struck!!!!

Seems to us the cookie culprit couldn't open the box!

Oh no!!!!! The culprit licked a whole bunch of icing off of Dad's cake!!!!!

We have no idea who this cake culprit could be!!!!!!!

It certainly wasn't us!!!!!

Lots of slobber,
Droopy and Callie