Friday, February 26, 2010

An update from the vet

Droopy here

Well Momma dragged me to the vet cause my eye was all scary and ouchie yesterday even though it looked better today. Our vet's name is Dr. Bell and Callie and I love her even though she likes to poke and prod us.

Now I had to have eyelid surgery about 18 months ago. My eyelashes had curled under and were scratching my eye so Dr. Bell preformed an eyelash-ectomy. She went and removed the piece of eyelid where my eyelashes grew so I have no eyelashes for my left eye.
Don't I look pitiful?!?!?! If you biggify the picture you can just see the stitches in my eyelid.

So when momma brought me to Dr. Bell, she noticed I had more little brow hairs hanging in my left eye and irritating it so now I have to have yucky drops put into my eye. Three drops a day for a week, then two drops a day for a week, then one drop a day for a week. The drops should clear up the scary redness that momma sees.

Well that's the good news. Now the bad news.

The vet noticed that my left eye was kinda cloudy looking so she put drops in it and shined this bright light in my eye. Not cool lady!!!!! Dr. Bell told momma that she was seeing some pigmentation on the lens in my eyes which means I'm developing cataracts and I need expensive surgery on my eyes so I don't go blind.

Momma doesn't have any experience with cataracts so she's kind of freaking out. Does anybody out in the doggie bloggie world have any experience with cataracts that they'd share with us????

I'm sticking close to mom right now, gonna go nap on the couch.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strange things are happening

Callie here

Something strange has been happening in the backyard. The weather was nice on Monday and Momma went and attacked the back garden, mumbling something about evil plants.

This is the result

What has that crazy lady done???? We don't have a huge back yard and now she's spreading sticks all over the ground. I took it upon myself to get rid of all the sticks but there were just too many!!!!!

Then yesterday our dad came out and knocked down the little pink house!

Look at the state of our yard!!! Stupid humans!!
Droopy and I are getting them back though, there's lots of exposed dirt from all the missing plants and we've been rolling in it and driving Momma crazy!!!!

On a side note: we have a new doggie neighbor. Momma has nicknamed him Fredrick (we don't know his real name). He is a big black labradork despite this we feel bad for him. He's left in a little pen most of the day and anytime Momma, Dad or either off us goes outside he barks and barks and barks. Plus there's no cool grass in his pen; it's all gross with wet mud and he doesn't have any plushies to play with.

Sorry about the photo quality; it was taken through a hole in the fence.

Sniff ya later,

P.S. Droopy didn't help with the post tonight cause she's not feeling good. Momma says somethings wrong with Droopy's eye and she's gonna go visit the VET tomorrow.

Momma here: Droopy's third eyelid has been exposed all day and is very red and irritated plus she's having discharge from the eye. We've had left eye trouble before and hopefully it's nothing serious.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey doggie bloggie world

Droopy and Callie here

We got PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love presents!!!!!!!

Last week our Me-me went out of town to a place called Or land O and she always remembers to bring us presents back. Momma ran errands on Saturday and went and picked up our presents!

Well our Me-me brought us coordinating bandanas so we can wear them together!

The picture is a little blurry but if you look close the bandanas say Thing 1 and Thing 2!!! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are from a funny story called The Cat in the Hat.

Now we have a very nice collection of bandanas even though there are no pictures of them on our bloggie yet. We will try and do a post about them in the future but for now we'll blame Momma.

Then on Sunday afternoon, Missy and Cisco's humans came over with a belated Valentine's day present for us.

Look what they wrote on the bag!!!!!! They love us and we're the best neighbors!!!!!!!

They gave us some Beggin' Strips that are bacon and CHEESE flavor and they are our favorite!!!!! A squeaky fish for Callie. Missy and Cisco's little human picked it out. Her name is Ashlyn and she is 5 human years old. She is very sweet and likes to read to us!!! There were also some chocolate chip cookies for Momma and Dad since the cookies are chocolate we aren't allowed to eat any!!

We have had loads of stuff going on and we'll post more about that tomorrow.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

P.S. We would like to say thank you to all our bloggie friend for all the nice words about our Grandma. It truly touches our hearts!!!!!! She was the ORIGINAL cheesehound!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A tribute

Droopy and Callie here

Today's post is a tribute post. Tuesday was our Grandma's birthday! She would have been 85 this year which is like a gazillon in doggie years. Sadly she passed away right after Thanksgiving last year and we miss her.

The main reason for this tribute post is because our Grandma taught her family to love dogs. Plus she loved CHEESE!!! Our Grandma and our momma were self-proclaimed cheese hounds. They would get together and just eat cheese. She is major inspiration for our cheese hound blog!

This is Grandma with Holly, her shih tzu.

Holly was her constant companion the last few years of her life. Holly had her own chair and would sit patiently while Grandma brushed. The funniest part was, sometimes when Momma would go visit, Grandma would have Holly's little bangs brushed and put in a clip and so would Grandma's! It would always make Momma laugh and Grandma never realize she looked like Holly.

So Happy Birthday Grandma and we miss you.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras

Callie here

Droopy and I would like to wish everybody a Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!!

We know that most of you don't have Mardi Gras but it's more about the attitude. Have that piece of cake you really want, steal a cookie from the cookie jar, dance around in your underwear or naked if you want; just enjoy the day.

But none of this.

Flashing is NOT acceptable!

Sniff ya later,
Callie and Droopy

Monday, February 15, 2010

Barkus parade Part 2

Droopy and Callie here

We're gonna finish our post about the Barkus parade.

So we walked down to the dog bakery and caught the parade across the street from the bakery. The parade got going and the costumes and floats were amazing. A float is like a big decorated car that costumed people ride in. People usually throw beads, which are like necklaces, during parades. Since Barkus is a doggie parade some people threw beads and some people threw doggie treats. Yum!!! We're gonna post pictures of the stuff we thought was best during the parade. Momma went a little crazy with that camera thing so there are way too many pictures for us to put up.

The beginning of the parade

Some neat floats

The best float we saw that day!

Some of the best costumes we saw

A spray painted Great Dane. We were kinda confused by this costume. Why would a human change there puppies spots??? A Great Dane Saints fan. Two labrachicks, dressed like cheerleaders. There was a Mango puppy, who was dressed as a Saints fan.

Finally the parade ended. Our Me-me wanted us to take a picture with our momma.
So we tried and tried to take a picture and this was the best one.

Then we got to go into the dog bakery.

Momma cut our trip inside the bakery short because Droopy kept trying to eat the cookies off the shelf. Luckily momma bought us some that we snacked on later.

Finally we headed back to the car. We had long way to walk back so we walked and walked and walked. Momma was wearing a pee-dometer, it tracks how far you walk, and we wound up walking almost THREE MILES!!!!!!!!!! We were beat!!!!

We had to drop our Me-me off and we decided to stay and visit for a while. Truthfully we napped a bit. Our Me-me is allergic to us doggies so we aren't allowed inside but she does have a nice porch upstairs. Momma has to pick us up, one at a time, and carry us through the house so we can hang out on the back porch. We don't mind it cause then we are high up and can watch the neighborhood and bark at all the other doggies.

Us on the back porch

Finally we headed back to our house. Momma says we slept very well that night.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

P.S. Sorry about the delay on the second part of our parade adventure. Momma spent all of friday and the monday morning at the human vet. We'll do better this week!! Promise

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Barkus parade Part 1

Droopy and Callie here

We intended to tell you guys all about the doggie parade we went to on Sunday but momma pointed out that a lot of the doggies that have been reading our bloggie probably don't know too much about how people in New Orleans would do a doggie parade. We're gonna try and explain as best we can and we do welcome any questions

The parade is called Barkus, also known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus, it is a dog-only parade and the route travels through the French Quarter. We should explain that the French Quarter is where the city originally started. It's very old and has lots of pretty buildings. It's also has lots of yummy restaurants, nice hotels and famous bars.

Let's start from the beginning!!!!!

Momma loaded us into the car about two hours before the parade started but we had a ways to go and traffic gets crazy when it's parade time. We had to stop and pick up our Me-me, she's our momma's mom, and she was coming with us to the parade. It took forever to get from our house to where the parade was because traffic was really bad. Finally Momma parked and everybody got out unfortunately we were still blocks and blocks away from the parade! Momma put our costumes on for the parade. Callie was a Saints fan and Droopy was a hot dog. We should mention that every parade has a theme. The theme for Barkus this year was 'When the Dogs Go Barking In', which is a play on the song title When the Saint Go Marching In.

We walked and walked until we finally got to the parade route. Ok so we only had to walk 7 blocks but that's a lot for short basset legs. The closer we got the more puppies we saw. Everybody was in costume!!!!! Momma was gonna try and walk us down the street that had all the t-shirts and food but the street was super crowded so change of plan.

Momma decided that we should walk down to the dog bakery so off we went! We walked from Rampart St, down St. Ann all the way to Royal St. There were lots of people and doggies on the street waiting for the parade. Everybody thought Droopy's costume was so funny. They kept asking to take pictures with her. One person even called her a Lucky Dog. Momma said a Lucky Dog is a kind of hot dog they sell from carts in the French Quarter. They apparently taste yucky, but that's momma's point of view, and since Lucky Dog is a well known New Orleans icon Droopy was happy to be called a lucky dog.

We're gonna stop here for today. There's still a lot to write about!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

P.S. Thank you for all the well-wishes for our momma. She's feeling a little better but has to go see a special stomach human vet tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy weekend!!!

Droopy and Callie here

We had a crazy weekend!!!! Momma told us Friday night that we were gonna have some friends sleep over on Saturday. We have a basset friend named Missy, who lives down the street, and her humans recently adopted another dog, a miniature schnauzer named Cisco.

This is Missy. She's been our friend for a while. She's very sweet and quiet. Momma says Missy has skin allergies, we're not sure what those are, but apparently Missy's belly gets all red and itchy and she has to take special medicine.

This is Cisco. Isn't he handsome????? Callie was totally goggly eyed over him.

Momma bought us over to Missy and Cisco's house before the sleepover so we could play and chase some tennis balls. We all played at their house for about an hour then moved back to our house.

We played and ran around almost all day so when it was bed time everybody was tired. Missy and Cisco kept stealing our beds but it's ok we know how to share.

Unfortunately we had plans on Sunday so our dad (yes we have a human dad he's usually very busy and we hang out with momma most of the time) stayed home to watch footbally stuff and he hung out with Missy and Cisco until their humans came home.

Now we know Callie was gonna share a surprise with the bloggie world and the surprise never showed. It's only cause our weekend got so crazy but here's the surprise!!!!!!!

We went to a doggie parade and got to wear costumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll blog more about the parade tomorrow cause there's lots to tell!!!

Sniff ya later
Droopy and Callie

P.S. We're very sorry if our blog is a bit sporadic this week- our momma isn't feeling well. We spent yesterday afternoon all alone cause momma was at the human vet.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Doggie smiles

Droopy here

I thought I'd share a fun book with the doggie bloggie community. Our momma is an avid reader and occasionally reads a book of the doggie variety.

As you can see the book is called 97 ways to make a dog smile. The book has neat activities and fun massages tips for humans to do with puppies.

Some of my favorites include:

#4. Using both hands, gently knead the extra skin of your dog's back and scruff. Sing a rousing rendition of "That's Amore" as you knead the dog's skin like pizza.

Momma likes to say I knead you like bread while she does this.

#13 Dogs have very expressive eyebrows. In some cases, the brows differ in color from the rest of the facial hair. These spots are extremely relaxing massage points. Rub the eyebrows gently in small circles, being careful not to poke the dog's eye.

I love when momma rubs my eyebrows, I tend to go sleep.

#55 Top notch massage- that bony peak atop your dogs' head actually has a name;the nuchal crest. There is no real known purpose for the protuberance but some spiritual scholars postulate that that it may be the dog's antennae for mystical energies and should be massaged for maximum reception.

As weird as it sounds, it's a good spot to get massaged.

#57. Parlez-Vous Chien: Try speaking common words or commands in a different language, but use the same vocal inflection. Your dog may actually understand what you mean.

Momma plays The Cheese Game using this trick. Cheese, queso, frommage!!!!

Hope you get a good massage out of this post!

Sniff ya later,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, snow, sleep and canceled plans

Droopy and Callie here

This has been our day today. We're stuck inside cause it's raining big time. We've done a lot of meditating, as Mango would say.

Normally we don't mind a slightly damp walk but the streets are a bit flooded, it's really chilly outside, and the rain is coming down pretty hard. We only go outside every couple of hours to make some pee-mail and then we zip back inside. Now some of you pups might be wondering why we're complaining about rain when all you guys get during winter is that white stuff momma calls snow. Well we live in southern Louisiana and it rarely gets cold enough for us to get that white stuff. Momma says we get the white stuff maybe every couple of years. It did snow a little over a year ago and we thought it was neat but very strange!!!!!!! Callie didn't want to go outside, she thought it was too cold but then momma put the sweatshirt on her then she was ok with looking at the snow. Momma thought it was so neat, she kept laughing and sticking her tongue out. She is such a strange human some days.

See how confused we are by all the white stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the rain. Momma says the rain should be cleared up by tomorrow but it's gonna be cold for the next few days. That's ok with us cause then momma has to break out the sweatshirts and we love our sweatshirts.

Callie was gonna reveal her special surprise but due to all the rain the event the surprise was purchased for was canceled. The surprise will have to wait a few more days.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Special Surprise

Callie here

Momma bought me a special present from a neat pet store called Petcetera. Momma wanted to post a picture but I insisted on waiting!!!!!! I'll write more about my present in a few days.

I'll give you one hint: it has something to do with a doggie parade momma keeps mentioning.

Sniff ya later

Monday, February 1, 2010

A walk to the levee

Droopy and Callie here!

We went on an extra long walk today. We live near a really big river called the Missyslippy River. On either side of the river are things called levees, momma says levees are big long hills that run along the river to protect the city from flooding when the river gets high. Recently the people who run our town decided to put a bike/walking path on top of the levee. We were super excited to learn that the walking path ended one block our from our house. Our street doesn't go all the way to the levee but that's ok with us.

We usually don't walk to the levee, it's about a mile walk from our house and back. That's a long distance for our short basset legs and momma's splurgery leg, but momma decided that the weather was cool enough that it wouldn't be too bad. So off we went to the levee.

To get to the levee, we had to cross the railroad tracks. They were really neat, big dips in the ground and metal rods too. You have to be careful not to step in the dips.

The tracks didn't smell that interesting so on we went.

We finally made it to the levee and got to see the Missyslippy River. People tie up barges near the shoreline until they need them. Momma says they have steel and chemical and all sorts of different things in the barges.

This picture is a view of the other side of the levee, the street side. We had to climb all the way up the hill to get to the top. We loved it, momma said we romped all the way up and there were loads of good smells. We kinda pulled momma all the way up, she needed help cause her splurgery leg doesn't do well with hills.

The main road is called River Road, cause it runs along the river. We always have to be careful when we cross it, there are lots of cars and big scary trucks.

Finally we made it to the walking path. It looked just like our street we always walk on but momma said cars aren't allowed on it, just bikes and humans and basset hounds. We walked a ways on the path, sniffing all the good smells until momma said it was time to turn around.

So we turned tail and headed home. The whole time during the walk momma had been watching the sky and it kept getting darker and darker until, when we were a block away from the house, it started to rain!!!!!!! Our nice walk turned into a wet walk. Momma tried to hurry us up but we were too busy sniffing so we got pretty wet. Once we made it home, momma dried us off and we settled in for a nap.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Mango Minster

VOTE FOR US!!!!!!! We're in Mango Minster and we need votes!

Lots of slobber,
Droopy and Callie