Monday, January 25, 2010

Dog Bakery

Droopy here

Friday Momma found out that a new dog bakery had opened in our town. Momma was excited because there use to be a Three Dog Bakery but a big scary storm called a hurricane made it go away. This dog bakery is called Just Dog! Gourmet. Momma went on Friday but didn't take us with her. Momma said there were lots of neat toys she had never seen, leashes, football jerseys and lots of other neat stuff without even looking at the cookies.

Momma finally made it to the cookie/bakery section she was amazed because there was so much to decide from!!!!!

Momma said there was also a wall of cookies but she forgot to take a picture of it. Oops!

Momma bought us lots of yummy treats. We got some peanut butter stars, cheddar bacon bones, parmesan twists, and some peanut butter pinwheels.

As a super special treat we also got king cake cookies.

Momma explained a king cake is a special cake people eat during mardi gras and that a king cake kinda tastes similar to a cinnamon roll but with purple, green and gold sprinkles. We also find out that sometimes people hide human puppies in the cake!!!!! How horrible! But momma assures us that the babies in the cake are plastic.

Momma forced up to wait to eat the king cake cookies until after the football games on Sunday. Now we've been forced to watch these football games for a while now. Neither Callie or I find them amusing.Goofy humans running around after a ball doesn't sound like any kind of basset hound fun to us. So we waited all day for our cookies. Once the games were over and the crazy screaming people quieted down Momma fed us our cookies.


We hope momma goes to the bakery again. We want more king cake cookies!!!! Maybe a nice Dalmatian cookie if they're out.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. Yummers indeed! Our doggie store has a bakery section and I always try to make sure we stop there for a car cookie when we run our errands.


    P.S. How about action photos of your short legged selves? I know you hounds can motor when you want to.

  2. Hey Mango

    We will work on some action shots for you. We are two pretty laid back basset girls plus momma has had some leg problems over the past year, including splurgery a few months ago, so it's hard for momma to motor with us some days.

    Sniff ya later,
    Droopy and Callie