Monday, May 10, 2010

Callie and the Chemo Round 3 and a ruff couple of days

Droopy here

I'm taking over the blog so Callie can rest. We're had a crazy couple of ruff doggie days.

Callie went to chemo yesterday and I won't bore you with the details. Callie and Momma did have to stay at Dr. Liz's an extra little bit because another doggie was there getting it's chemo before Callie.

Jennifer, Dr. Liz's vet tech, talked to Momma about Callie liver. She said Callie's liver enzymes were super elevated and Callie needed to go on some special medicine. The medicine is made from milk thistle and should help Callie's liver. The only bad thing is if Callie's liver doesn't get better than Dr. Liz and Momma are gonna have think about changing Callie's chemo.

Other than that Callie is doing pretty well with her chemo.

Earlier in the week we found out that our friend Dodger (he's not a bloggie doggie) got hit by a car.

His Momma had to bring him to the doggie emergency room. He's gonna be ok- he had to get 15 stitches and has a concussion.

We also found out that one of our favorite rescue groups, The Sula Foundation, lost their namesake. Sula was a famous puppy! Her Daddy writes doggie books and put her on the cover of one of his books!
Sula the Pit Bull

We are very sad that Sula is gone. She was a stunning example of how super sweet pit bulls can be!

Sorry I made this bloggie post so sad! Hopefully we will have happier news to share in the coming days.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)


  1. Hang in there Callie! Hope the milk thistles help you.

    That is one of every human's worst fears; having their doggie hit by a car. I am so glad the little pup had a good emergency room to go to.


  2. Oh dear, we are sorry to hear about your friends!
    We hope the milk thistles help with Callie's liver.
    Sorry thing have been rough. Sometimes things get worse before they get better so as Mango said - hang in there.
    love you lots
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Callie, hang tough and hope the new meds help you out. We are saying our doggie prayers for you to get better. Also, sorry to hear about your friend, at least he will be okay. The Hounddogs