Thursday, January 6, 2011

So much for a healthy new year

Hey everybody! Smiley here!

How exciting this is my first post!!!

Well we had all hoped for a happy and healthy new year. We've done pretty well with the happy but for me not so much with the healthy! I had to go to the vet!!

First off my ears have been kinda itchy and I'd been shaking my head a fair amount. Momma thought I had ear mites but when she checked my ears she didn't see any. Then Sunday night she noticed I had funny lump on both ears. They were soft squishy bumps. Momma said it was time to go to the vet so off we went Monday morning.

Can you see how they tortured me?!?!?!?

Well my funny lumps were hematomas, or little pockets of blood in my ears! All the shaking I had done caused me to break blood vessels in both my ears. Ruh-roh! Well the vet thought that maybe I had an ear infection, which was causing me to shake my head. The vet then said Momma had to leave me at the vet, which was no fun!

They made me take a nap and when I woke up they had flushed out my ears and drained my funny lumps. What did my lumps do to them?!?! Well I've been pretty groggy since then but my ears are feeling much better except when Momma puts those stupid ear drops in!

And just so you don't miss them here are Droopy and Kayah, packing up the Christmas decorations!

Well time for any other nap for me!

Sniff ya later,
Smiley (and Droopy and Kayah too)

Momma P.S. I feel like a horrible Basset mom. I let one of my dogs get an ear infection and I didn't notice. Ugh! Please don't call Doggie Protective Service on me! Guess we need to be more vigilant on how dirty Smiley's ears are.


  1. My Airedale used to get those. He even had to have a stent for draining at one point. Frustrating, but not life threatening. Stuff happens.

    Mango Momma

  2. Smiley,

    Hello Everybodys! Going to da vet is no way to start off da new year but now you is gonna get better so dat is a good thing! I will send you some puppy prayers too.

    Woofs and Healing Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Sorry you had to go to the vet, but glad you're feeling better now!

    Mama's been a bad blogger friend and just now noticed that your family expanded! Yippee!!!!

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash and Ollie

  4. I had an ear infection this year too. Don't worry it happens to long eared doggies.

    woof - Tucker

  5. Smiley, we are so glad to see your 1st post. Just sorry it had to be about the old Vet trip. So glad he was able to make you feel all better.

    We can sure relate to the icky ears that some of us hounds tend to have. Some of us are a little worse than others. Ours have not got to the point of shaking so hard we break blood vessels, though. Ouch…

    Cleo had chronic ear issues when we adopted her, but our vet has done some special treatments on her and she has great ears know. Winston and Amiee’s ears don’t seem to get as bad. We have noticed that the old the hound gets the more ear issues seem to come up.
    Our vet has special secret packing solution that he did to Cleo 3 days a week for 2 weeks to clear them up. It was a pain going to the vet every other day but it sure worked on her. We know just place a couple drops of secret ear formula twice a week in all their ears and then wipe them out with a baby wipe. I was using the medicated wipes for dogs, but the vet said just use baby wipes. They work great and you can really get down in the ear with them. Ours tend to get black gunk that sits in the well of the ear. We can also start smell a slight odor from the ears when it is coming on (yeast). I have recently added yogurt to their diet (not sure if that is helping as well). Also, I read that someone mixed yogurt with warm water and placed in their dogs ears. I asked the vet about it and he said, if you want to try it go for it. I have not done that because Winston cleans the girls ears as it is, he would go crazy if they had yogurt down in them. (HA HA) We do ears about 3 times a week just to stay on top of it and they actually look forward to it.

    I have no idea what my vet uses, but my BFF tired to get her vet to give her some and he could not duplicate it. So I get it for her from my vet (secretly) for her and her dog has never had ear problems since then. It really pulls that black gunk to the surface so you can wipe them out better. If you want I can get some and send to you for you to try. (HEE HEE).

    Oh, my we rambled pretty good today. We are also sure that nobody will be knocking on your door to take away them sweet babies. You are a good Mom just sometimes, we miss things. Email me if you want to talk more about ears. HoundDogMom and The HoundDogs

  6. Sorry about your bumps. That's no fun...hopes you get all better soon!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  7. I hope Smiley will be fully recovered soon!
    Itchy ears are not funny, right?
    I wish you all a super duper year!
    Kisses and hugs

    PS My mom says she'd love to know about your recipe for the cookies! She made mine without following a recipe. Just the ingredients she thought would be tasty! Hmmm....

  8. Happy New Year.
    That is terrible. Glad to know you're okay. I've been to the vet twice this week so I know how it goes. Not a good way to start the year.

  9. Your not a bad momma. You can't know everything. I hope that was the last sickie of 2011!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Oh Smiley, we are so sorry about your ear troubles! Your Momma is a good person, and she takes good care of you kids. We send you a big hug.

  11. Sam has always been prone to ear infections, and they tend to sneak up on us - despite being aware and vigilant! Good luck - we are keeping paws crossed for a speedy recovery!