Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kayah and the Vet plus POTP

Hey everybody!

Kayah had to go to the Vet but nothing scary, just normal shots. Well first off Kayah HATES car rides. We think it's cause she doesn't see so well and the car rides make her super nervous.

Momma subjected Kayah to the ThunderShirt hoping it would help with Kayah's car anxiety. Well it didn't help but it was the first time she wearing it... Oh well!

Get me outta here!!!!

Kayah was very well behaved during her exam! The vet was very excited to meet Kayah and, of course, thought Kayah was a cutie!!!!

Kayah bootie

Kayah is now up to date on all her shots, has no worms in her poop, and is heartworm negative!!! Plus Kayah weighed in at 37lbs! She is down 3 lbs!

How funny is this?? Momma and Kayah wound up in a room with a Basset Hound picture!

Well Kayah has since been moping. We think she's just playing it up so Momma feels bad for her. Although she cries when Momma touches one of her injection spots so maybe she really doesn't feel good.

And just for HoundDogMom, Miss Smiley's cute face!!!

And now if you haven't heard our dear friend Cleo of The HoundDogMom Blog is in some serious need of the Power Of The Paw!! She is starting her actupuncture today and needs all the good basset-y (or whatever breed you happen to be) vibes sent her way!!!!!

Well that's it for now!

The CheeseHounds


  1. Hope Kayah is feeling better and that she got some good frosty paws as a treat for being such a good doggie at the vet!

  2. Oh, Miss Smiley I so need that today. It definately is going to help us get through our day. Kayah so glad you had a great check-up and NO MORE heartworms. YAHOO

    Thanks for sending us good basset-y vibes our way. Mom can hardly contain herself today she is so excited to hopefully be getting me some relief. She said she wants to set the clock ahead today so 2:00 will come sooner. We will let you know how things after we get home tonight. Again, thanks for all the good wishes. Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom

  3. Hope Kayah is feeling better today. Going to the vet is NEVER any fun.

  4. Sometimes those shots can make you a little sore, especially if you are scared and your muscles are all stiff. I hope she feels better. GOing to check on Miss Cleo now.


  5. I've been hearing so many good reviews about the thunder shirt, give it some time it might work for Kayah.
    Take care.

  6. I know I'm late getting here, but I know that with all the good vibes in the house, Kayah is feeling much better--But we're sending a few just in case! :-)))