Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tough times for Callie

Hi Everybody!

Droopy here with some shiny teethies! Dr. Bell pulled two of my teeth, apparently they were looking kinda bad so they needed to come out. No biggie! My mouth was a little sore for a few days but feeling much better now.

Now on to news about Callie.

Callie had a very rough Memorial Day weekend. She didn't eat too much despite the fact that Momma is cooking her gourmet meals and I'm still getting stupid kibble- although I get a tidbit or two slipped to me on occasion. There were also some bathroom issues that I won't go into because I don't want to embarrass Callie. Callie's been pretty miserable; sleeping a lot, laying around looking pitiful, and in general not being her usual Callie-happy self.

Callie was scheduled for round 4 of chemo today. While in the car on the way Callie threw up in Momma's car. Yuckers! Momma had a talk with Dr. Liz about how Callie's chemo is going and what the future holds for Callie. Basically, chemo is no longer helping Callie. Her liver enzymes are super high and the lack of appetite and energy is not good so Callie's on two new medicines and more prednisone. If Callie does not improve within the next few days then there is not much more anyone can do.

We all upset at the news and are asking for lots and lots and lots of prayers for Callie.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)


  1. We have just come from reading about Tabby - we hate having bad news about our pals.
    We want Callie to be all better and don't understand why dogs get sick.
    We know Callie will be miserable - it is no fun having accidents and being sick in the car.
    So many thing happening that poor Callie can't help.
    We are sending lots of basset vibes to Callie - we know she can't get all better but we want her to have some better days.
    You know the kind where you are lying in the garden in the sunshine.
    So she can feel the warmth of the sun on her fur and feel safe and happy.
    Give her lots of slobbery licks from us Droopy - we are glad you are feeling better although sorry to hear about you having teeth out.
    Our mum asks your mom to give Callie lots of pats and hugs from her.
    Let us know how things go. We know you will all look after Callie.
    Paws crossed
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xx

  2. Droopy, so glad to hear you are recouping from the vet dentist and have sparkling teeth know. Callie, we are sorry to hear that you had a rough weekend. We can definately relate to that for sure. Actually HDM says that she feels for you and your family and knows exactly what everyone is going through. We hate to hear your enzymes are elevated and you should not feel bad for what happened in the car. After all, it all will clean-up and tell them to use some Freebrez to make it smell good. Droopy please give Callie some slobber kisses from us and know that we have Callie in our prayers and hope she feels better soon. Callie, lots of drool slobber coming and keeping you in our doggie prayers at night. Hugs, Slobbers, Drool and lots of Love. The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee)

  3. Oh Callie, we send you all the love in the world, and pray for your comfort. We hope your family and Droopy are okay. We know how much they love you. Hang in there sweetheart...

  4. Hi Callie and Droopy-

    Nice to meet you. Your Golden Retriever Pals sent me over. Sorry you are sick Callie. I'm crossing my paws and praying real hard for you.

    Aire hugs

  5. Hi. I am Farley's friend and I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems, Callie! Hope you feels better soon! We'll be thinking and praying for you, sweet girl!
    Sending lots of love to you, Droopy and all your family.

  6. I'm a friend of Farley too. We're thinking of you and praying that you get better soon.

  7. Farley sent us over, too. We've got our paws/fingers crossed that you'll be feeling better.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Farley sent us over and I just wanted to let you know that I know how much prayers and healing thoughts can and do help, so we will send some for you from Virginia--With a house full of Goldens and a Wheaten Terrier, that's a lot!!

  9. Hi!

    My friend Farley told me about you. We're sending you the best thoughts too.

    Love, Kimba.

  10. Oh, we are certainly crossing our paws for Callie and sending our prayers! We found you through Farley.


  11. So sorry to hear about Callie, she will be in our prayers.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie & their
    Mom & Dad Sheila & Bob

  12. Farley sent me this way - and we just wanted to wish Callie (and her family) all the best. I am a cancer survivor and I know it's tough going. I had radiation instead of chemo. Hang in there (all of you) are thoughts and prayers are with you. Abbey (& her mom)

  13. I have my paws crossed for Callie!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Hi Callie,
    Farley told me you weren't feeling well so my mom and me wanted to stop by and say hello. I am sending puppy prayers to you and your family.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Mom

  15. Farley sent us over too. We hope Callie is doing better now.

  16. We are sending lots of love and healing vibes to Callie.

    Teddy Bear

  17. Hi, Callie. We just heard about you from 1000 Goldens.

    So sorry to hear you're not well, so we're sending some gentle woofs your way to try to help you feel better.

    Take care, sweet girl!

  18. Another friend of Farleys. We have our paws crossed that you will be comfortable. Sending healing vibes...

  19. Been thinking of you this week Callie. Hope you are feeling better. HoundDogMom and The Hounddogs

  20. miss callie,
    mr. farley woofed on his bloggie about you, so i am here to visit and send lots of gooey nose kisses to you. i hope your new meddies help you feel better!
    the booker man

  21. ♥We are sending our strongest prayers and crossed paws for Callie♥