Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where is Droopy Wednesday???

More rain, more hiding Droopy.

Occasionally in plain sight!

Sniff ya later,
Callie (and Droopy too)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Paw it Forward

Droopy here!

Our friend Maggie Mae got a Paw It Forward present a while back and decided to play Paw It Forward with us!!!!!

Our sweet friend, Ms Maggie Mae!

After waiting a few days something special showed up in our mailbox! We've never gotten a package in the mail!!! A card from Me-me, yes! But never a fun present!!!!!!

Ok sit back cause there are plenty of pictures coming!

Hmmmm, a present for Droopy and Callie?!?!?

What's in it????

A card for Droopy and Callie!!!!!

A red loofah dog plushie!

A piggie plushie!!

A pink plush human shaped toy!

A leopard print bone!!!

Treats! And they are banana nut flavor!
We've never had banana nut flavored treats before!!!

Give me that banana nut treat Momma!

Look at all the drool!!!! That was a delicious cookie!

Oh! Maple syrup for Momma!! Can I have some?

We love all our presents!!!!! We'd like to say a big cheesehound thank you to Ms Maggie Mae and her Momma for a wonderful Paw It Forward present!

Sorry for the lack of Droopy in the picture, she
got so excited she had to go lay down!

So now we are gonna play Paw It Forward!!!! Here are the rules for Paw It Forward:
The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without anything in return other than that the recipient will pass the kindess along and 'Paw it Forward' in their own way.
This is how it works: Those participating agree to send something uplifting, inspiring or fun to the first 3 bloggie friends who post a comment on their entry on your blog saying they would like to play. There are no cost restrictions but don't go crazy. What you send can be something you made, something from your state or anything that will make the recipient smile. It can be for the human or for their pet.

If you would like to pawticipate in Paw It Forward just post in our comments that you want to play! Sorry but we can only Paw It Forward with the first 3 bloggie friends that post that they want to pawticipate!!!! So be quick like a bunny!!!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet Wednesday

Hey everybody! Callie here!

We have had two wet and sticky days!!! It has been raining for almost all day for the past two days! When it's not raining it's sticky outside. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

So after much complaining from yours truly and Droopy too Momma broke out the raincoats!

No pictures please!

Droopy has been especially grumpy with all the rain and thunders! There's been alot of Droopy's crazy hiding antics!

I don't see any rain!

Then to make a wet day even worse Momma informed us we were going to the vet's office for a spa day!!!!

No! Momma don't leave us!

She left us anyway. Meanie human! It's cool though cause we always get lots of love at Dr. Bell's office. Momma came and got us a short while later. Now she's claiming we smell much better! Crazy human!

Well now it's time to go catch up on our beauty sleep.

Sniff ya later,
Callie and Droopy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where is Droopy Wednesday???

Can anybody find Droopy????

She's taken to hiding when the bad weather shows up!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Update from Callie

Hey everybody!

Callie here!!

I did super well with my new chemo last week and figured I was over due for an update on the bloggie!

My new chemo is given to me via IV instead of a pill so I had to stay at the Doctor Liz's office for twice as long! The only good part about the IV is that Jennifer, Dr. Liz's vet tech, sat with me and loved on me while I had my IV in and I got a cute pink bandage to go home with!

Isn't my hot pink bandage cute????

Dr. Liz was happy to see how peppy I was and was super glad to hear that my appetite was back.

Once Momma and I got home from crossing Lake Pottytrain she took my bandage off and was surprised to see that I had a big piece of fur shaved off of my leg for my IV!

Look at my poor shaved leggie!

I was super sleepy after chemo. Momma said that Dr. Liz put Benadryl in my IV cause sometimes doggies have funny reactions to the chemo and the Benadryl helps prevent those funny reactions.

Since Wednesday I've been doing super! Momma says I have a really good appetite again! I even woke Momma up early today because I was ready for my breakfast an hour earlier than normal.

Momma noticed a few weeks ago I was growing this funny bump in the corner of my left eye so Dr. Liz took a look at it, then took some pictures and pee-mailed them to a doggie eye doctor she works with lots. The eye doctor thinks the funny bump is just part of my cancer. So last week Dr. Liz told Momma to do eye drops FOUR times a day!!!!!!!! But I get some special treats, that Droopy isn't allowed to have! HA! The eye drops are ok. Sometimes I let momma put the drops in real quick and sometimes I fight momma and won't let her come near me with the drops!

Look! My special treats even have a paw print on them!

Lots of slobber,
Callie (and Droopy too)

Momma Update:
Callie has had a complete turn around! She is ravenous most day! I'd much rather a puppy that is eating me out of house and home versus one that refuses to eat. She wants nothing to do with the eye drops most days. Trying to give the drops as quick as possible and give her a treat as quickly as possible after, which is what we did with Droopy, but Callie just isn't a fan. Her "special treats" are a probiotic that are intended to help the bacteria in Callie's stomach and bowel so she doesn't have so many bathroom issues. The bathroom issues have thankfully settled down!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost wordless wednesday

Dad says I'm spoiled but I have no idea what he's talking about!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess who's feeling better????

Guess who's feeling better?????

Callie is!!!!!!!!

Her appetite is back, her energy is back, she's all playful again! Hurray!!! There's still an occasional bathroom issue but hopefully that will settle down! Callie goes for a new chemo treatment on Wednesday.

To our friends Martha and Bailey and Hound Dog Mom and her crew we would like to send you a big slobbery thank you for all of your support! It has really helped the entire Cheesehound household through these tough times.

To our friend Farley of 1000 Goldens thank you so much for you pawesome post about Callie! We are so touched that you would post about Callie and have so many of your friends sending love, slobber, prayers and good healing vibes.

To all of Farley's friends: Wyatt, Thor, Meeka, Daisy Kendra and Bella, Kim at Golden Pines and her crew of Goldens and the Wheaton Terrier, Kimba, Bunny, Hamish and Sophie and their Mom and Dad, Abbey and her Mom, Lorenza, Maggie Mae and her Mom, Dennis the Vizsla, Teddy Bear, Pibble, and Sophie Lou. We truly appreciate all your prayers, healing thoughts, and comments!!! We are slowly making the rounds to all of your bloggies!! But forgive us for taking so long but so many of you left comments!

Also to our friend Sugar! Thank you for your Golden Healing Thoughts!

Once more lots of slobber to everybody!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tough times for Callie

Hi Everybody!

Droopy here with some shiny teethies! Dr. Bell pulled two of my teeth, apparently they were looking kinda bad so they needed to come out. No biggie! My mouth was a little sore for a few days but feeling much better now.

Now on to news about Callie.

Callie had a very rough Memorial Day weekend. She didn't eat too much despite the fact that Momma is cooking her gourmet meals and I'm still getting stupid kibble- although I get a tidbit or two slipped to me on occasion. There were also some bathroom issues that I won't go into because I don't want to embarrass Callie. Callie's been pretty miserable; sleeping a lot, laying around looking pitiful, and in general not being her usual Callie-happy self.

Callie was scheduled for round 4 of chemo today. While in the car on the way Callie threw up in Momma's car. Yuckers! Momma had a talk with Dr. Liz about how Callie's chemo is going and what the future holds for Callie. Basically, chemo is no longer helping Callie. Her liver enzymes are super high and the lack of appetite and energy is not good so Callie's on two new medicines and more prednisone. If Callie does not improve within the next few days then there is not much more anyone can do.

We all upset at the news and are asking for lots and lots and lots of prayers for Callie.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy (and Callie too)