Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mickey and Kayah here

We had an awesome adventure this past weekend!

One of our fellow shelter pups, Star, had a birthday so the shelter threw her a luau party. Star turned 16 and is still available for adoption. She's a sweetie!

Star, the birthday girl

Being foster dogs we were invited to the party so we could maybe meet some nice family to take us home.

Mickey totally hammed it up, of course!

While Kayah was a bit nervous

It was lots of fun! We got to meet lots of nice people and eat some good treats. There was free hamburgers and hot dogs for the humans!

Well we didn't meet any families who wanted to take us home but that's ok cause we like it here! Although 6 dogs and 2 rats, yes rats, were adopted during Star's party!

The CheeseHounds

P.S. We have all of our Name Game packages ready to go but we seem to be missing addresses! We have Lorenza's and The HoundDogMom's but no one else. Could you please send them! Our e-mail is me@moptoss.com We're so sorry if you already sent it, maybe the e-mail monster ate it!


  1. Who doesn't love a party?! Glad the rats are finding homes :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Star. She's 16, that's amazing.

  3. She's 16? She's a beautiful Border Collie.