Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our 100th Post!!!!! Plus a fun game

Hey everybodies
Guess what????? This is our 100th post! Hurray!

So we figured we'd play a little game and have some fun!

We want to play the nickname game. We're gonna tell you our funny nicknames and you tell us yours and why your human calls you that!

First off

Droopy a.k.a Super Pooper.
It started off as Super Droopy cause I went to a costume party dressed as Superman and the crazy nickname slowed changed into Super Pooper.

Smiley a.k.a. Miles of Smiles
Any explanation needed?!?!

Kayah a.k.a. Kayah Papaya
Not much else rhymes with Kayah.

Mickey a.k.a. Mr Mickey
As the only gentleman of the dog variety in the house it's up to Mickey to remain dignified.

And last but not least our dear Callie girl

Callie a.k.a. The mountain goat
Callie loved to climb on everything!!

And now our prizes!

We thought we'd pick out some fun New Orleans stuff for our winners.

First some rules:
1. Our game ends June 9th.
2. You need to supply your nickname and why your human calls you that.
3. Please note what prize you would like to win and you are more than welcome to put your name in for more than one prize!

A Save Our Shrimp t-shirt size Large, which fits a smaller than basset sized pup.

A Keep Dat Erl Off My Ersters shirt ( a.k.a. Keep that oil off my oysters) size 2XL,
for our slightly larger than basset friends.

A medium sized purple, green and gold necklace. Perfect for Barkus!

A tennis ball with Saints rope, for our tennis ball lovin buddies!

And a strawberry toy, for our smaller buddies.

And two car accessories for the basset lovin' humans!

Well we can't wait to hear all of your funny nicknames!!!!!
The CheeseHounds


  1. Woof! Woof! Happy 100th Blog Posts. GREAT! LOVE your nicknames. I got lots of them ... I enjoy playing peekaboo so I'm often called BooBoo. Just simply Golden Delight to share one of my nickname and be bloggie friends. Sending all of you Lots of Golden LOVE and Woofs, Sugar

  2. Congrats on 100 posts! Beauford has a long list of nicknames: Beauf, Beaufie, Mr. Beauf and Mister Mister.

    I like the tshirts, so whichever one would fit Beauford (40 lb basset)

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    Well, Sam is called all sorts of things. We tend to call him Sammish, after our favorite detective, Hammish MacBeth. Monty we call Monster, simply because he is always causing trouble!

    The second T would be nice!

    How Sam Sees It

  4. Congratulations on your 100th Post!
    And many more to come!
    I have lots of nicknames too!
    Many people think my name is a nickname! It is because here in Mexico, Lorenza means "crazy".
    At home, Lore, Lorenzana, Niña. And there is one I hear a lot... Cochi... a short way to say "piggy"! Hmmmm....
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Momma and Master call me Bubba all the time. Sometimes just Bubs. I LOVE it. They say because I am a good old boy. Yuh, for sure.

    Dexter is called PeeWee or Pea because he is a midget. You know what else? He is more attentive to PeeWee than his real name for sure. How about that?


  6. LOVED your nicknames!!!

    All of our dogs have nicknames too, but I won't tell you all of them, but will give you a sampling...

    Our Wheaten, Charlie is called 'my other man' because he's jealous of the other dogs when they come around me. He is devoted to me and I say he's like a jealous husband!

    Rudi, one of our Goldens is called 'Fruity Rudi' because if she was a person, she'd be the one standing in the corner talking to the potted plant--She's also one of the brightest and silliest dogs we have and if she could talk, she'd speak several languages!

    Finally Wendy, is called 'girlfriend.' We've had her longer than we have had any other dog and she's a true girlfriend that has been there for everything...

    PS: We like the tennis ball

  7. Congratulations on 100th post! We love all your nicknames as much as we love you. Smiley your name really fits you good. Well here we go with our silly names.

    Cleo - The "Round Hound" if you see her on the blog you know why she is called that. She had a lot of other names when we first got her but, they probably are not appropriate for the blog comments. She was a basset with an attitude back then but know she is a sweetie.

    Winston - Whinny Winston, Handsome Boy - But the Whinny fits him the best. He walks around and cries like a baby all the time.

    Amiee - Lover Girl, Snuggle Bug, Happy Feet - She loves to snuggle and love you and she does a little happy dance when she has to go out and potty or she gets excited (Happy Feet).

    We would be happy with any of the prizes if we won, but we really like them basset magnets, Mom said. :)

    Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  8. Wow - good job on 100 posts! We love all of your nicknames, they are so cute :) I am most often called Far Far or Boo Boo, and also...Stinky. Not nice.

  9. Hi Droopy! Yay our comment worked! Here our some of our nicknames:

    Brodie: Wootsie Woo (I really have no idea how that came about)
    Peaches: Peachy Keen (Heard the phrase on an I Love Lucy, thought of Peaches)
    Ruthie: Nauni (Have no idea how we came to this)
    Giuseppe: Jasper (Just started calling him that?)
    Buddy: Butty (Rimes)
    Otis: DweeDwee (We sing Dwee Dwee to a tune that we think of as Otis's)
    Bucky: Monkey (Bucky>Bunka>Monka>Monkey)
    BIG Boomba: HUGE! (She is a big girl)
    BooBoo: Beefy (She is part Pibble, Therefore BEEFY!)

    We are hoping for the strawberry toy!

    The Katastrophies