Monday, February 15, 2010

Barkus parade Part 2

Droopy and Callie here

We're gonna finish our post about the Barkus parade.

So we walked down to the dog bakery and caught the parade across the street from the bakery. The parade got going and the costumes and floats were amazing. A float is like a big decorated car that costumed people ride in. People usually throw beads, which are like necklaces, during parades. Since Barkus is a doggie parade some people threw beads and some people threw doggie treats. Yum!!! We're gonna post pictures of the stuff we thought was best during the parade. Momma went a little crazy with that camera thing so there are way too many pictures for us to put up.

The beginning of the parade

Some neat floats

The best float we saw that day!

Some of the best costumes we saw

A spray painted Great Dane. We were kinda confused by this costume. Why would a human change there puppies spots??? A Great Dane Saints fan. Two labrachicks, dressed like cheerleaders. There was a Mango puppy, who was dressed as a Saints fan.

Finally the parade ended. Our Me-me wanted us to take a picture with our momma.
So we tried and tried to take a picture and this was the best one.

Then we got to go into the dog bakery.

Momma cut our trip inside the bakery short because Droopy kept trying to eat the cookies off the shelf. Luckily momma bought us some that we snacked on later.

Finally we headed back to the car. We had long way to walk back so we walked and walked and walked. Momma was wearing a pee-dometer, it tracks how far you walk, and we wound up walking almost THREE MILES!!!!!!!!!! We were beat!!!!

We had to drop our Me-me off and we decided to stay and visit for a while. Truthfully we napped a bit. Our Me-me is allergic to us doggies so we aren't allowed inside but she does have a nice porch upstairs. Momma has to pick us up, one at a time, and carry us through the house so we can hang out on the back porch. We don't mind it cause then we are high up and can watch the neighborhood and bark at all the other doggies.

Us on the back porch

Finally we headed back to our house. Momma says we slept very well that night.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

P.S. Sorry about the delay on the second part of our parade adventure. Momma spent all of friday and the monday morning at the human vet. We'll do better this week!! Promise


  1. That looks a grand parade, you had a pawsome time.

  2. Oh we do hope your momma was ok. We loved the pics - believe us you can never have too many pics for us!
    Of course our favourite had to be the two of you with your mom - such a happy pic.
    Stay well mom.
    Martha & bailey xxx