Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, snow, sleep and canceled plans

Droopy and Callie here

This has been our day today. We're stuck inside cause it's raining big time. We've done a lot of meditating, as Mango would say.

Normally we don't mind a slightly damp walk but the streets are a bit flooded, it's really chilly outside, and the rain is coming down pretty hard. We only go outside every couple of hours to make some pee-mail and then we zip back inside. Now some of you pups might be wondering why we're complaining about rain when all you guys get during winter is that white stuff momma calls snow. Well we live in southern Louisiana and it rarely gets cold enough for us to get that white stuff. Momma says we get the white stuff maybe every couple of years. It did snow a little over a year ago and we thought it was neat but very strange!!!!!!! Callie didn't want to go outside, she thought it was too cold but then momma put the sweatshirt on her then she was ok with looking at the snow. Momma thought it was so neat, she kept laughing and sticking her tongue out. She is such a strange human some days.

See how confused we are by all the white stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the rain. Momma says the rain should be cleared up by tomorrow but it's gonna be cold for the next few days. That's ok with us cause then momma has to break out the sweatshirts and we love our sweatshirts.

Callie was gonna reveal her special surprise but due to all the rain the event the surprise was purchased for was canceled. The surprise will have to wait a few more days.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. Oh my! The bad weather can be most frustrating especially when it gets in the way of a surprise!


  2. Best to stay warm and dry! Martha never allows me to do that! She insists we must go out every afternoon - once it gets past 2pm she wont let up with all that bouncing about and getting excited!
    I think I had best come over and stay with you - clearly more sensible bassets!
    Can't wait for the surprise.
    Bailey xxxx

  3. I was confused by the snow the first time it came back this year too. I saw it last year when I was just a baby but I didn't remember.

    woof - Tucker