Thursday, February 11, 2010

Barkus parade Part 1

Droopy and Callie here

We intended to tell you guys all about the doggie parade we went to on Sunday but momma pointed out that a lot of the doggies that have been reading our bloggie probably don't know too much about how people in New Orleans would do a doggie parade. We're gonna try and explain as best we can and we do welcome any questions

The parade is called Barkus, also known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus, it is a dog-only parade and the route travels through the French Quarter. We should explain that the French Quarter is where the city originally started. It's very old and has lots of pretty buildings. It's also has lots of yummy restaurants, nice hotels and famous bars.

Let's start from the beginning!!!!!

Momma loaded us into the car about two hours before the parade started but we had a ways to go and traffic gets crazy when it's parade time. We had to stop and pick up our Me-me, she's our momma's mom, and she was coming with us to the parade. It took forever to get from our house to where the parade was because traffic was really bad. Finally Momma parked and everybody got out unfortunately we were still blocks and blocks away from the parade! Momma put our costumes on for the parade. Callie was a Saints fan and Droopy was a hot dog. We should mention that every parade has a theme. The theme for Barkus this year was 'When the Dogs Go Barking In', which is a play on the song title When the Saint Go Marching In.

We walked and walked until we finally got to the parade route. Ok so we only had to walk 7 blocks but that's a lot for short basset legs. The closer we got the more puppies we saw. Everybody was in costume!!!!! Momma was gonna try and walk us down the street that had all the t-shirts and food but the street was super crowded so change of plan.

Momma decided that we should walk down to the dog bakery so off we went! We walked from Rampart St, down St. Ann all the way to Royal St. There were lots of people and doggies on the street waiting for the parade. Everybody thought Droopy's costume was so funny. They kept asking to take pictures with her. One person even called her a Lucky Dog. Momma said a Lucky Dog is a kind of hot dog they sell from carts in the French Quarter. They apparently taste yucky, but that's momma's point of view, and since Lucky Dog is a well known New Orleans icon Droopy was happy to be called a lucky dog.

We're gonna stop here for today. There's still a lot to write about!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

P.S. Thank you for all the well-wishes for our momma. She's feeling a little better but has to go see a special stomach human vet tomorrow.


  1. You burned some serious calories on that walk! That is a haul for little legs. :)

  2. Droopy's costume is great. no wonder people wanted photos a real hot dog . It does sound like a long walk for short legs. I bet you slept well.

  3. It looks like a fun event! We loved both costumes!
    Martha & Bailey xxx