Monday, February 1, 2010

A walk to the levee

Droopy and Callie here!

We went on an extra long walk today. We live near a really big river called the Missyslippy River. On either side of the river are things called levees, momma says levees are big long hills that run along the river to protect the city from flooding when the river gets high. Recently the people who run our town decided to put a bike/walking path on top of the levee. We were super excited to learn that the walking path ended one block our from our house. Our street doesn't go all the way to the levee but that's ok with us.

We usually don't walk to the levee, it's about a mile walk from our house and back. That's a long distance for our short basset legs and momma's splurgery leg, but momma decided that the weather was cool enough that it wouldn't be too bad. So off we went to the levee.

To get to the levee, we had to cross the railroad tracks. They were really neat, big dips in the ground and metal rods too. You have to be careful not to step in the dips.

The tracks didn't smell that interesting so on we went.

We finally made it to the levee and got to see the Missyslippy River. People tie up barges near the shoreline until they need them. Momma says they have steel and chemical and all sorts of different things in the barges.

This picture is a view of the other side of the levee, the street side. We had to climb all the way up the hill to get to the top. We loved it, momma said we romped all the way up and there were loads of good smells. We kinda pulled momma all the way up, she needed help cause her splurgery leg doesn't do well with hills.

The main road is called River Road, cause it runs along the river. We always have to be careful when we cross it, there are lots of cars and big scary trucks.

Finally we made it to the walking path. It looked just like our street we always walk on but momma said cars aren't allowed on it, just bikes and humans and basset hounds. We walked a ways on the path, sniffing all the good smells until momma said it was time to turn around.

So we turned tail and headed home. The whole time during the walk momma had been watching the sky and it kept getting darker and darker until, when we were a block away from the house, it started to rain!!!!!!! Our nice walk turned into a wet walk. Momma tried to hurry us up but we were too busy sniffing so we got pretty wet. Once we made it home, momma dried us off and we settled in for a nap.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. That does sound like a long walk for short legs but exiting, the rain ugh we keep getting wet. Still you were on your way home then. We had Martha on foster before she was adopted and went to live with Bailey so we know how short your little legs are.

  2. That would be a long walk for ME for sure. You two must be in great shape. Too bad the rain caught you. Nothing a nice snuggle won't fix. I bet your undercarriages get a tad dirty.


  3. It was a long walk but we enjoyed it. We don't like mud puddles and truthfully our undercarriages stay pretty clean out on walks although they may get a tad damp.

    Sniff ya later,
    Droopy and Callie