Monday, April 19, 2010

Camp Bow Wow

Droopy and Callie here

On Friday we went to doggy day care at a place called Camp Bow Wow. We got a free pass for doggy day care when we went to Dog Day Afternoon.

When we got there the lady who owns Camp Bow Wow, Ms. Deb was very very happy to see us! She was very nice and gave us lots of loves. Ms. Deb brought into the play area, where we meet all the other doggies we got to play with.

Momma filled out some papers about us and then got a tour of Camp Bow Wow. Momma thought it was super nice and said if we liked doggy day care then we might be able to sleep over there if Momma and Dad went out of town. Ms. Deb showed Momma the play area where we were. There was an inside area, nice and cool with plenty of water buckets, and there was an outside area with a doggy pool and agility stuff to play on. Momma said "Bye" and then headed out to run boring errands all day!

Sorry about the blurry picture but we were having too much fun to stop and pose for momma

So we play and played and played with all the other puppies. There was even another basset fellow at Camp Bow Wow. We think his name was Toby and he was very handsome! There was a Doberman and some Labradorks too!!!!!!! We napped and ran around and when we laid down to take a break the trainers there thought we laid in funny position. Droopy is notorious for her froggy sit.

Finally Momma and Me-me came and picked us up! Good thing because it was dinner time!!! Too bad there were lots of cars on the road and we had to take the long way home.

We got to enjoy the wind and the nice sunshine on the ride home. Momma had all the windows rolled down since the weather was super pretty.
What a cute snooter hanging out the window!

We were both tired and after a while the sleepies over took us and we fell asleep in the car.

Finally we got home and ate our dinner and it was bedtime!!!!!

Oh we should add that we got diplomas from completing our first time at Camp Bow Wow!

The diplomas even have our pictures on them! Although Droopy's picture is blurry- she never sit still for pictures!

We also got a magnet for Momma's Jeep.

We do dig Camp Bow Wow!

We really hope Momma brings us back soon. We had lots of fun!!!!!!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. Camp can be totally fun and it is good to go there and get familiar so that it won't be scary if you have a sleepover. I hope you go again soon.


  2. You guys sure are lucky to go to Doggy Camp. Mom said she is not brave enough for that. She fears Winston would be banned after 5 mins, he is such a wild boy. But we understand the sleepiness afterwards, we attend the Basset Waddle every year and it just wears a hound out. :) The Hounddogs

  3. Woof! Woof! How COOL!!! My two doggy friends from Colorado goes to Camp Bow Wow n they LOVE it. I'll be going to Doggy Camp too sooooon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar