Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Callie and the Chemo

Callie here

I thought I would take over the blog and post about my first chemo treatment.

My first chemo treatment was last Monday. Momma and I had to ride all the way across Lake Potty Train.

The ride across Lake Potty Train is pretty long and it takes about an hour to get to the oncologist but I don't mind the ride cause I LOVE riding in the car! One reason the ride is so long is because the bridge across Lake Potty Train is the longest bridge in the world-24 miles long to be exact! Now that's a long walk!

My oncologist is named Dr. Liz Kergosien and she and her staff are very nice and like to love on me the whole time I am there. When we got to the clinic on Monday we had to wait a while for the staff. There was a beautiful boxer named Molly there but she kept growling at me. Guess she didn't want to be friends. After such a long car ride and such a long wait, I signaled to Momma that I needed to leave some pee-mail outside. While we were outside Dr. Liz's vet tech came out and talked to Momma about my treatment, told Momma I'd be about an hour and then took me inside.

The vet techs weighed me, took my temperature, poked and prodded me, checked to make sure my liber and spleen weren't too big. Finally they gave me my chemo medicine and let me lay down. A little while later Momma showed up and home we went!

Dr. Liz warned Momma that my tummy might hurt, I might not want to eat my kibbles, I could throw up, have no energy, have a fever, or have bruises.

Well I was doing ok until Wednesday morning. Momma put my food bowl down and my tummy was hurting a little so I left some of my breakfast. Momma wasn't worried cause Dr. Liz had warned her about it. Dinner time rolled around and I didn't want dinner. Breakfast time Thursday morning and I still wasn't feeling so good. Now Momma was starting to worry. She tried giving me yummy treats but I didn't want any.

Finally for dinner on Thursday Momma cooked me some rice and mixed it with some smooched up canned dog food. It smelled really yummy but I wasn't sure about and only took two bites so Momma gave me some time for my tummy to adjust to the food in my belly. Half an hour later she offered me more food; two more bites and I was done. Momma offered me the plate of food every half hour until it was gone. It took five hours but I finally ate the whole dinner and boy did I feel better!

Momma told me if I hadn't eaten dinner I would have had to go back to Dr. Liz's office where they could have stuck me full of needles!!!!

After a day of not eating then finally getting some food I was finally feeling better and was running around and wagging my tail and cuddling with Momma instead of just sleeping.

Then yesterday Momma said I had to go see Dr. Bell, my normal vet, to get some blood work done. So off we went and everybody at Dr. Bell's office was happy to see me and was glad I was doing so well with chemo. I was happy to see them too! I was wagging my tail and giving kisses. My favorite vet tech, Kelly, took me in the back and took my blood and then we went home!


  1. Hi Droopy and Callie, you are so cute! Thanks fur visiting my blog, and fur the kind words. It's nice to meet you. I'm so sorry to hear about Callie's cancer. I'm glad she is starting to feel better after the chemo... Moms always get worried when we don't eat. It sounds like your momma loves you both very much. We will keep you in our prayers.


  2. Hi Callie! You are such a brave girl! We're sending all kinds of thoughts and prayers your way so you can get better soon. Keep eating!
    Love Flash and Ollie

  3. You did great! Your mom is a wonderful nurse to be so patient and make sure you got your foodables. I am glad to hear that your keynote therapy was not so bad. I hope it helps with your sickness.


  4. Callie, you are such a brave basset - we are proud of you.
    We are so glad to know that your mom is tempting to eat cos we know these treatments can make you feel a bit icky!
    Martha & Bailey xx