Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our special guest's visit!

Callie here

Well my little human, Nikki, came over on Thursday! I was super happy to see her again!

Look how cute we are!

Droopy and I had a great visit with Nikki!! She even bought me some presents! Nikki brought me some treats (which I am forced to share them with Droopy), a really cute picture of herself with a guitar, a get-well card, and a super warm cuddly pink blanket!

My get well soon card!!

I love my new blanket!

My new blanket is my favorite. When I don't feel good it is perfect for curling up on for a nice nap!!

Nikki petted Droopy and I lots, which we both loved. She also asked Momma lots of questions about my chemo, like what kinds of medicine I have to take, how often I go for my chemo, and if it make me sickies. My Nikki is a very smart little human even though she has her own sickies. Nikki has As-burger syndrome; she is very shy and has lots of trouble in school so she gets to do school at home! Even though Nikki has trouble in human school she is very smart. She told Momma that she is gonna help raise money to help pay for my chemo! Momma thought this was very sweet!

Finally Droopy and I went outside and played in the backyard with Nikki.

Playing with Nikki was lots of fun! But then her momma said it was time to go home. Our Momma and Nikki's momma made plans to visit again since we had such a great time!

I hope she comes to visit again soon!

Sniff ya later,
Callie (and Droopy too)


  1. She sure is a special friend and really concerned about your key note therapy too. As are we all here at the estate.


  2. I'm so glad Nikki came to visit you. She looks like a very wonderful little human!


  3. I feel so bad - I am totally behind on my blog reading and I didn't know about Callie :( We hope everything will be okay! Your little person is darling and we are glad you both got lots of love...

  4. Callie, that sounds like a wonderful little girl who will grow up to make a great human.
    You can tell so much about humans by how they treat us pets.
    We just love that special pink blanket - perhaps you will let Droopy lie on it occasionally.
    We think you are being so very brave - we know that treatment is nasty and makes you feel bad.
    The humans tell us that this can't be avoided if you are to have some extra time to have fun.
    We have been over to visit you but up have been having some blogging problems - funnily enough it seems fine this morning - right after we have posted about it too.......
    Stay strong sweet Callie - love to Droopy too.
    slobbery kisses
    Martha & bailey xxxx