Thursday, July 1, 2010

Callie and the Chemo Round 5 and lots of bad weather

Callie here

I went for round 5 of my chemo today. Chemo went without a hitch but the ride from casa de Cheesehound and back was a little crazy!!!!!

This is what the sky looked like on the way there:
That is a scary looking sky!

Well we made it across Lake Potty Train ok, despite some moments where Momma refused to pet me, claiming she needed both hands on the steering wheel.

We made it to the Dr. Liz's office in one piece. Jennifer, Dr. Liz's vet tech, took me back for chemo and Momma went and ran errands. Got another patch of fur shaved off!!!! Dr. Liz said I'm looking good and responding to chemo well.

Two hours later me and Momma were on our way home or so we thought!! We got on the road to go back across Lake Potty Train. We have to get on a long bridge called the Causeway Bridge, well because of the bad bad weather the bridge was CLOSED!!!!!!!! So Momma quick turned around and made a phone call.

Well what a surprise! We went to Momma's cousin's house and they have two little humans who love me!!!!! I got petted and fed some of a roast beefie sandwich and got to climb a whole bunch of stairs!

Me with the two little humans

I had so much fun with the little humans! The littlest human asked if I was gonna bite her! Momma told her I wouldn't but I would give kisses. Well the little human said she didn't want any kisses!!!

After about two hours of playing with the little humans Momma said that the big bridge was open again and the weather had cleared up enough that we could head home.

Momma and I hopped back in the car and off we went! The weather was still pretty yuckers so I had to help Momma navigate! Finally after being gone from home for hours we made it back!

I'm gonna go lay down now cause Dr. Liz gave me some Benadryl with my chemo and I've been really sleepy.

And just so you don't miss Droopy too much...
I present: Lego Droopy!

Sniff ya later,
Callie and Droopy

Momma update:
Chemo went smoothly! Callie's weight is up and her appetite is still good. She is back on the probiotic only because she's been having bathroom issues again. All in all one of the worst trips across the lake and back ever!


  1. Nice diversion...sorry about scary hurricane Alex.
    Glad you are gettin' better Callie!


  2. Happy news about Callie! The bridge over Lake Potty Train looks very looong just like you guys. :) I don't thinks my mom would likes to be on it even in good weather!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Callie, blogger ate our comment......testing....testing!

  4. Oh great!!!! We said we are very happy to hear about your good response to the chemo.
    You are being so very brave!
    We were sorry your weather was bad but how lovely to be petted by the lovely little humans.
    We cannot understand anyone turning down a wet slobbery basset kiss ourselves, but it takes all sorts.
    Glad you got home safe eventually - too bad Droopy had been turned into lego..........!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. Callie, that is great news about your Chemo treatments. Glad to hear you still are eating good as well. Little Humans that don't like kisses, oh my. We are glad you made it back home safe and sound, we always have to help navigate in bad weather as well. If Mommy had both hands on the wheel how did all those nice pictures get taken. :) Sniff ya later, The Hounddogs

  6. So glad the treatments are working, we are praying for Callie and our Goldens have their paws crossed.

    Sheila & Bob
    Mom & Dad to
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  7. Woof! Woof! Callie, we are happy to hear good news. But that was a scary drive. Will continue to send my Golden Healing Thoughts. Will mail the probiotics treats next week. Golden Thanks for supporting me to be June Top UDog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Hi, Callie!
    Glad to know everything went well.
    Sure you had a nice time with the kids!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That's pawsome news to hear that you are getting better. Sending positive healing vibes.

  10. Scary bad weather. So nice that you had a safe port to pause in before your trip home.


  11. Yikes, that is some serious weather when they close a bridge - we are sure glad you had family on the other side to keep you company until it opened again. So glad your treatments are going well :)