Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scaring the 'you know what' out of Momma

Callie here

I apparently scared the 'you know what' out of Momma yesterday.

Here's my story:

I had an upset tummy yesterday and let's just say I needed to have a bath to get cleaned up. I was dragged to the tub and scrubbed down with shampoo! Momma toweled me down and then I was off to do my post-bath zoomies!

Hurray for post-bath zoomies!

As you can see I like to rub my face on the floor. Well this is the point in which I scared the you know what out of Momma! I've mentioned the funny growth in the corner of my eye well when I was rubbing my face of the floor I rubbed my eye too hard! I got up from my zoomies and looked at Momma and my entire eye was full of blood! Momma immediately dove for the cotton balls and put pressure on my eye. Some pressure and a saline rinse later my eye looks better.

Stupid baths!

Momma couldn't see any damage but I'm going for chemo today so Momma's gonna bring this
incident up! Whoopsie!!!!!!!!!!!


The aftermath!

We will let you know what Dr. Liz says about this incident! My eye feels fine and I have no idea what Momma was so freaked out about!

Well it's nap time!

Sniff ya later,
Callie and Droopy


  1. Hi Callie;
    We can only imagine how scared your Mom was.
    We hope every thing checks out at the vet.
    Take it easy,

    Your Pals,
    Hamish & Sophie

  2. That little episode would have probably scared my mom too Callie. Paws crossed that your eye is okie dokie..let us know. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Callie, HDM freaks out when she sees a blood on us as well. I am sure Mr. Vet man will say all is well. We want to send you some slobbering drools that Chemo goes good for you today. Sniffs, The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston & Amiee)

  4. Humans do tend to FREAK when they see blood. We need to be patient. It just means they are worried about us. I bet all that rubbing felt really good and you never noticed that you had rubbed a bit too hard.

    I hope you feel better from your upset tummy.


  5. I can understand your mom was scared!
    I hope everything is ok!
    Paws crossed for you today!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Callie....did you eat too much Jambalaya? hehe
    Hope you are feelin' better. Good luck at the vets office.


  7. Callie, I hope your eye is okay and you've had a good day!!!!

  8. I can totally see my mom reacting the same way as your mom. Oh mothers, they worry so much.
    Hope your chemo went well. Take care.

  9. My Momma would've freaked too, it's what MOmmas do.

    Hope things go ok today.
    woof - Tucker

  10. Oh Callie - none of the dog mommies handle that stuff very well. They love us so much. Is your eye ok now??