Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lots of stuff happening

Hey everybody

Droopy here

Sorry about our lack of blogging lately but there's been lots going on!!!!

First off, we have had nothing but rain the past few days so we have been stuck inside! When it's not raining it's sticky outside from the humidity. Apparently we have lots of humidity down in Louisiana. Thank dogness for air conditioning!!!!

Second, and our main reason for lack of bloggies lately, is Momma got something called a New Job. She gets up really early and is gone for half the day and we miss her lots. We have heard rumor about being allowed to go to work with Momma. Hmmmm...... more on that later.

Third, we have a new friend who is looking for a home. Momma started volunteering with a rescue group called My Heart's Desire. Our new friend is named Kayah and she is a bassador, a basset hound /labrador mix.

Isn't she cute????

Kayah is considered a senior hound cause she's 7 years old. We are sponsoring Kayah which helps her get to the vet so she's in good shape to go to a nice house. Kayah has two big hurdles though. She tested heartworm postitive, which happens in Louisiana cause we have so many mosquitos, and Kayah has trouble seeing. It is believed that Kayah can only see shadows but she still needs to go see the doggie eye doctor.

Momma got to visit Kayah last week and while Momma was talking to Kayah and lovin on her, Kayah would tilt her head this way and that way then find Momma and was like Oh! There you are!!!

So if you all could say a little prayer for Ms Kayah to find a good home that will understand her unique problem.

And last but not least:

Wait come back! We need you to take our Paw It Forward presents!!!!!!!!

Paw It Forward presents have officially been mailed off! Hurray!

Well that is our crazy life right now. Hopefully things will settle down and we will be able to post more soon!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. Wow! You guys have been getting lots and lots of rain, I hopes it stops soon.
    Kayah looks very sweet, I will say puppy prayers for her to helps her find a furever home soon!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Please tell your mom yay for her new job!

  2. Hi, Droopy and Callie!
    I can understand you don't have much time to blog!
    I hope your mom is happy in her new job!
    Paws crossed for Kayah. She is adorable! I am sure she will find a lovely forever home soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. That's so nice of you to sponsor Kayah. With your help she has a better chance of finding a home sooner.

  4. Kayah is very cute. She is lucky to have pals like you!


  5. Jungle fever! Hot AND raining? We could use some rain here, we just have the hot.

    I hope your new friend finds a home. She is cute for sure.


  6. Many prayers for Kayah are being said today at my house!
    Tina xo

  7. Congrats to your Momma on her new job!
    woof - Tucker

  8. We know all about them lagging blogging days, since HDM is always helping them rescue bassets herself. She doesn't seem to have trouble document their journeys right away. That is okay with us, because if we can help a homeless basset find a fur-ever home that is awesome. We never get to meet them, but we love all the new smells it brings home. It sounds like your mom is doing the same thing, awesome. We hope Kayah finds a great fur-ever home soon. She is cutie fur sure.

    We also are waiting for pawitfoward package. We just hope it doesn't come while we are camping this weekend.

    Happy Weekend!
    The Hounddogs