Friday, July 30, 2010

A great loss

Callie the Basset Hound
12/1/2003- 7/30/10


  1. Oh, this absolutely breaks my heart. I just left another message on the last posting and I seen you had an update. We are so sorry for the loss of Callie, my heart is breaking and I just so want to come to you and hug you Droopy and your family. I am at such a loss of words right know, which I am sure your hearts are breaking. Our thoughts and prayers to you during this difficult time, because we sure understand. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. We would love to make a donation in honor of Callie, so please let us know where we can do that at. God Bless everyone,

    The Hounddogs
    Cleo, Winston, Amiee

  2. Emilie,
    This news is just heart breaking. I have been praying for her all morning. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl Callie. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Droopy and your family. Run free sweet Callie!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  3. We feel so sad to know about Callie.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Take care
    Lorenza and mom

  4. Woof! Woof! This is not the news I want to hear from you blog today. My family and I are so sorry for your loss. For sure Callie had a wonderful life ... lots of precious memories that you will treasure. Sending you and your family my Golden Thoughts n Prayers. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. We just found your blog the other day. We said some prayers for Callie and are so sad to hear this news. She can play with my Milton who will be over the rainbow bridge waiting for her.

    Joanna, Reggie and Lola

  6. My love and prayers for your sweet girl Callie.
    I lost my dear heart Lili last December and it always leaves a space no other can fill, but Callie is running now in a place where there are always treats and balls and a soft warm place to lay her head. She is in the arms of loving angels!
    Tina xo

  7. Oh this is so sad. Callie was such a beautiful girl and a real fighter. She is running free now. Only those left behind are feeling pain.

    Mango Momma

  8. So very sorry for your loss, there are never the right words at times like these but know that people everywhere are thinking of you right now.

    Mollys Momma

  9. oh deawest our hearts are leaking the pibble tears wight now. we are furry sowy for your loss and send you our most slobbery feel better pibble sugars. we shall let our brofur angel chico know to meets her at the bridge and shows her around she will be furry much taken care of ok?

    pibble sniffles and lotsa sugars
    the pittie pack

  10. I came over from Mango's blog to give you my virtual hugs. There are no words at times like these... but please know we're all here for you. Mango's momma said it perfectly: "Only those left behind are feeling pain."

    Zona and Jill (Zona's mom)

  11. We heard about your loss through Mango's bloggy~

    We are so sorry for your loss~

    Our thoughts and pawrayers are with you~

    Much Love,
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  12. Oh! We are very very sorry for your loss. Hope you find comfort in the thought that Callie is free of pain and happy elsewhere...
    hugs to the entire family from mummy and licks from us,
    Ginger and Buddy

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. I am new to your blog but looked back a bit to read about your brave girl. She could not have asked for better care and know she is pain free and snacking on some cheese with a big appetite over the bridge.
    Moose & Momma

  14. Oh sweetie, I'm so so sorry. She was a beautiful girl and you gave her a wonderful life. She knew she was loved. (((((hugs))))) to you and your family.

    Cloud and his mom

  15. Mango sent us over - please know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve her death and celebrate her life.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi and their Mom

  16. Oh dear Miss Callie's family, our hearts go out to you during this time.
    May you always hold onto your beautiful, sweet memories of your girl.
    We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Allison...Puddles mum

  17. Big hugs to you all today and the days ahead.

    Love always,
    Flash & Ollie

  18. Oh No! Droopy I'm sorry for loss of your sister. May she be able to eat all the cheese she wants now.

    woof - Tucker

  19. We are completely devastated to read this today.
    So very sorry - will email.

  20. We are so terribly sorry for your loss and will light a candle tonight.

  21. We came over from Mango's too. We're so sorry about Callie's loss. Purrs and tail wags from all of us.

  22. We heard about this sad news at Mango's blog and wanted to come over and pay our respects. We're so sorry - that Rainbow Bridge takes too many dogies. But we know Miss Callie is running free with the wind over there now, pain free and a puppy again! The good memories that you have of her will help but we know she will always be missed.

  23. My heart aches for you during this difficult time.
    RIP Miss Callie

  24. We are so sorry for your loss of sweet Callie. We know she is running & playing pain free now with our Angel Snickers who also lost her battle to the mean cancer monster. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  25. Mango, PeeWee, Martha, and Bailey sent us -

    We are sorry for your loss -

    We'll light a candle tonight to help her find the way across The Rainbow Bridge -

    Be sure to look for her sign(s) she's made it -

    Khyra, Khousin Merdie, and Khyra's Mom

  26. Martha and Bailey sent us over. We haven't visited before, but we are still very sorry to read of the loss of Miss Callie. She looks like she was a great woofie, and way to young to cross that bridge already. We will be purring for all of you and Meowm will be praying (she had a basset hound herself and still adores them).

    Junior, Orion and Meowm

  27. Our furends Martha and Bailey told us about the loss of your dear Callie. I am so very sorry for you and hope that one day soon, the memory of her will bring you nothing but happy smiles instead of tears.

    Gentle wiggles and wags,

  28. Martha and Bailey and Mango sent us over. We reach paws across the pond to offer comfort and love to you in your sad loss. Eric xx

  29. Zona sent me over. I am so sorry to hear about Miss Callie. She was just beautiful and what a lovely smile!

    My deepest sympathies to you and your family,


  30. We are so sorry we didn't know Callie before. We heard about her from Mango - we are dealing with our own cancer issues so we know how hard your sweet girl fought. Hugs to all of you from the OP Pack.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  31. This is not the news we'd like to hear. We are very sorry for your loss. Just know there's a lot of us that understand and care and you're not alone grieving.
    Take care.
    Meeka and Meeka's mom

  32. Oh No! I can't see the screen for all the tears. We were hoping it was just a temporary set back. All of our love, during this difficult time.

    Wyatt, Stanzie, Sue and Paul

  33. Hi. I just read the news of your loss while at Martha and Bailey's Blog and simply had to come give you a virtual hug.. We lost our beloved Missy on the 22nd of this month so our sadness is still fresh so to speak.

    It's just hard to say goodbye to a fur baby when they are so innocent and put up the good fight.

    Take care and know that I am thinking of you.


  34. I am sorry that this is the first time we are visiting your blog. We are all sorry for you loss. We will light a candle for her.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Family

  35. We are so sorry for your loss. Please know their are many who grieve with you and know how deep the hurt can be,
    We have been owned and loved by Golden Retrievers for the past 35 years.
    The below is something that has given us comfort when one of our Luvs makes the journey to the Bridge.
    We hope it will give you some comfort also.

    Sheila & Bob,
    Mom & Dad to Hamish & Sophie

    Beyond the Rainbow
    by Cathy Guyan

    As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,
    I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
    I saw a wondrous image then of a place that's trouble free
    Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.

    I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side
    Were meadows rich and beautiful -- lush and green and wide!
    And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see
    Were animals of every sort, as healthy as could be!
    My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
    And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.

    I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I'm all right
    That this place is truly wonderful, then a bright Glow pierced the night.
    'Twas the Glow of many Candles shining bright and strong and bold
    And I knew then that it held your love in its brilliant shades of gold.

    For although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
    We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
    So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart,
    If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

  36. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  37. My thoughts are with you a this sad time, I did not get to know Callie, but as a fellow furiend, run free dear Callie
    Love and Hugs George and Jan xxxx

  38. I am so sorry for your loss of Callie. I know we've not met before, but the grief we suffer after the loss of a canine companion, has no boundaries for all us doggie-lovers. I pray that you will be comforted by good memories in the difficult days ahead.
    Sending lotsaluv

  39. Beautiful Callie. Till we meet again,


  40. I just read about this today on another blog. So sorry for your loss.

  41. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    (((((((((Big Hug))))))))))))

  42. We are so sorry to hear about Callie. When we lost our shepherd a few weeks ago, someone shared the following with us and it sure made us feel better:

    "It came to me that every time I lost a dog they take a piece of my
    heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me
    with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components
    of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as
    they are." (Cheryl Zuccaro)

    Lucy's Human

  43. I am very sorry for your loss of dear, sweet Callie. Since I walk basset hounds a lot I know a lot about their personalities and I love them dearly so I can just imagine how painful her loss will be for you for a long, long time. Please know we are thinking of you during this sad time!

  44. Just popped over from Maggie Mae's blog to say how sorry we are to hear of your loss. Memories are the treasures a family shares forever when a loved dog passes over the Magic Rainbow.

    God Bless

  45. sad woofs, soo sorry on the loss of Callie..what a mama knows all about chemo, she been doing it for 9 months now..surrounding u with love and support while u learn to accept her loss...RIP Callie, run with the wind..

    a sad,
    angel lacylulu
    and mama..

  46. We are so very sorry about the loss of Callie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  47. We are very sorry to hear of Callie's loss! You're certainly in our thoughts and prayers!


  48. Madi and I read about your sweet girl Callie's death over on Maggie Mae's Blog. We are so sorry and send you our sincere prayers and thoughts. Madi and Mom

  49. Maggie Mae sent us.
    We're so sorry for your loss, no words could comfort you now, just letting you know that we are here for you and we care!

  50. Our hearts go out to you, please remember the good life and love you gave to Callie

  51. I am so very sorry for this tragic loss. I am sorry we did not know Callie, but she was a beauty.

    Painter Pack

  52. I linked to you from Maggie Mae's blog and I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss. I didn't have the priviledge of "knowing" Miss Callie but she was a beautiful girl. I know you did everything you could for her and that you gave her a wonderful life. I will light a candle for her and one for you.

  53. We came over from Sugar's blog to pay our respects to Callie and give you our deepest condolences. So sorry for your loss.

  54. So very sorry to hear the sad news about Callie.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Muzzle & Minnie-Moo

  55. miss maggie mae and mango both linked to your bloggie. me and my big sis asa and our mama are sending you many many comforting huggles and gooey nose kisses. we are so sorry that miss callie had to go to the bridge. she was a most beautimous lady with a grrreat smiley, and it's so easy to see how much you loved her.
    the booker man

  56. We love you sweet Callie girl, and will miss you so much. Droopy and Momma, we send you huge virtual hugs and comfort. We will be thinking of you. Love, Farley

  57. Callie I never got the chance to know you, but please rest in peace and you'll see your family at the bridge someday. (((hugs)))

  58. We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and Droopy. RIP Callie.

  59. Deepest condolences from the Gimpy Gang
    Meeshka, Sam, and Loki, and the humans

  60. We are so sorry for your loss! Rest in Peace sweet Callie! We hope you are pain free at The Rainbow Bridge....

    Woofs, purrs, thoughts and prayers from
    Velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom, Skye and mom Penny

  61. We are great pals with Martha and Bailey, so we saw this sad post..........and no words can heal your pain.

    Grief truly is the price we pay for love.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Rest in peace sweet Callie, even though we did not know you, our hearts break.

    love and much light, in your darkest times, Jeannie and Marvin xxxxx

  62. What a beautiful girl! We are so sorry to hear that she is gone. We understand the pain so well and send lots and lots of beagle hugs.

    love & wags,
    River & crew

  63. We are stopping by from Martha and Bailey's blog. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. She was very pretty. We are sending hugs your way.


  64. We came over from our friend Mango's blog.

    we are so sorry to learn the sad news about Callie. Sending you lots of thoughts and wishes at this very sad time.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  65. We send you our heartfelt sympathies on your loss. Martha the Basset sent us over. We just lost our sister, Dottie, so we can honestly say, we know how you feel. And these are tough days. We'll hold you close in our hearts and pray for peace in the days ahead.

    Love, Dozer and Cooper Edwards

  66. We are coming here from Martha and Bailey's blog. We know that there are NO words to ease your immense sadness but wish to offer our sincere and deep condolences on the loss of your good friend.

  67. We know your heart is breaking right now, and I came to sit with you. I am soooo sorry this had to happen.
    I am a friend of Scout and Frejya..... and I just wanted to say we are sending you some love,,,, cause we care so much,


  68. I am very sorry for your loss.

  69. Hi,

    Got news of your loss from Martha and Bailey's blog. We're very sorry for your loss. Our heart felt sympathies and condolences. May you find comfort in this sad time.

    The dog woods pack

  70. We are so, so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl Callie.
    Run free girl.
    Love Ruby & Penny