Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another parade!

Callie here

Droopy and I got to go to another doggie parade last Sunday. Yes another one!!!!!!!!!!!! There have four doggie parades in and around our city in the past couple of weeks. The other two parades have been on, what momma calls, the North Shore and we didn't go to those cause Droopy doesn't like car rides that much and the North Shore is a bit of a ride.

The doggie parade on Sunday was called Arfus! It was next to Zephyr Stadium, which is where our local baseball team plays. There is also a nice park next to the stadium, called LaSalle Park. It has a nice walking paths for humans and doggies.

When we first got there it was crowded, there was loud music and lots of booths to look at. We decided to go check out the booths before the parade started. There were food booth, rescue group booths, the LASPCA, store booths, and lots of other neat booths.

While we were walking around Droopy made a beeline for the Great Dane Rescue booth. Momma said to Droopy "Boy are we in the wrong tent!!!" The lady that runs the group heard momma and said "Come see!!!!"

Look what we found!!!

A Basset Hound and a Great Dane living in harmony!!!!!

The lady who ran the Great Dane rescue said the basset hound had lived with a big shepherd doggie and the shepherd had passed away the owners didn't want the basset hound anymore!!!!!!!! How sad!! Well the great dane lady use to doggie sit the shepherd and the basset hound and she agreed to adopt the basset hound!!!!! How great is that!!!!!!!!!!! She said that the basset hound's name is Lucy, she is 14 years old and mostly deaf and blind. The Great Dane lady was happy to see us and said that Lucy perked up a lot while we were there!!!!

We decided to walk around some more and dad saw this sign.

Look who showed up for the parade! Missy and Super-Cisco!!!!!

Finally it was time for the parade!!!

That's Gumbo! He's is the mascot doggie for our football team, the Saints!!!!

We were getting antsy and a bad little boy kept giving us kibbles, without asking momma or dad, so we moved down the line of the parade and we met this cute guy!

His name is Freddie! And his momma thinks he's part basset hound and part catahoula!! He was short and long like us but had a really neat bridle spotted coat!

We decided to go check out the booths again, since most of the humans and doggies were watching the parade! While we were walking around a lady came up and told Momma about two basset hounds at the LASPCA. The lady tried to convince Momma to adopt these two doggies. Momma had to go check it out so off to the LASPCA booth we went. The LASPCA lady told Momma that the basset hounds had been adopted the week before!! We were all very happy about that! Apparently a lady had come to look at the two basset hounds and debated and debated. Finally the LASPCA had an adoption day last week and the lady showed up with two collars and leashes and said she'd take them home!!

Off to another booth we went and Momma bought us some new leashes, which we plan to use later in the year for a special human walkie!!! A lady at the store booth said she had a Droopy look-a-like named Priscilla!! Unfortunately Priscilla wasn't at the parade.

We wondered around a little more and ran into this guy!
It's ok if you don't recognize him!! He is a local artist named Jim Tweedy and he does neat doggie cartoon pictures!!!! If you look over his shoulder you can see a few, including the self portrait picture that momma keeps wanting to buy. Jim Tweedy does lots of different kinds of self portrait pictures including a basset hound one, which is the one momma wants. Momma says if you want to look at more of Jim Tweedy's pictures you can go here:

Finally it was time to go home!! We napped the entire way there!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. We have never been to a doggy parade in our lives!
    You are so lucky although we probably wouldn't like the noise or the crowds.
    How nice to see a basset living happily with a Great Dane - we were somewhat puzzled by the story of the basset going into rescue!
    Seems strange that the lady wanted to get rid of her basset when her GSD died!
    We think some humans are very strange indeed.
    We look forward to seeing you with your new leashes.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. That big doggie mascot looked scary. You are two very brave pups. Sorry about the dumb human giving you kibbles without asking. Very poor form, but a good day was had by all and you got a nice snooze after.


  3. That was very nice for the basset to have a good home,how could the owner give it up, I will never understand some people.

  4. Wooo! Hey there new friends! We wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog to wish Sitka a healthy recovery! Hope to learn more about you all!
    Meows, Hugs, and Puppy Woos,
    Tia, Sitka, and Cornelia Marie

  5. Wow, that sounds like a fun day. I especially liked that it was named Arfus. We're glad you had a good time and got to meet some nice dogs too :)