Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy couple of days

Droopy here

Sorry for our serious lack of bloggie posts and commenting on everyone's bloggies. Life last week went from very quiet to a bit crazy.

Last Wednesday night momma was brushing Callie and me with our new Furminator brush, which has planned to post about anyway. While Callie was getting brushed Momma noticed a weird lumpy thing in Callie's neck. Momma said Uh oh! time to go to the vet.

You can just see one of Callie's weird neck lumpy things.

Then on Thursday off to the vet went Momma and Callie. After Dr. Bell poked and prodded Callie a whole bunch she said that the lumps Momma felt were lymph nodes and they much much bigger than they were suppose to be. Callie also had a slight fever of 103 degrees (typical doggie temperature is between 100 and 102 degrees). Dr. Bell said it was probably an infection or it could be a scary word called cancer, so she put Callie on strong antibiotics and said Callie needed to come back on Monday.

On Sunday we went to Dog Day Afternoon which we plan to post about on it own!

Back to Dr. Bell on Monday for Callie. The lymph nodes is Callie's neck had gone down but the lymph nodes in the other areas were still the same size so Dr. Bell called a special lump doctor, Momma said the doctor is really called an oncologist. They appointment is for Wednesday morning. Momma wanted us to ask for prayers (or good thoughts, if you don't pray) for Callie since things aren't looking so positive.

All the lymph nodes in a basset hound body.

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie


  1. We will be thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome.

  2. We are sending loads of zen, paws and eyes are crossed for Callie.

  3. We'll be thinking of you. Lumpy lymph is kind of scary.