Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The guard hound

Callie here

I am posting this to tell the bloggie world about how crazy Droopy is. Ok ok there are many, many examples but I'm only gonna talk about one. Most days she thinks she's a ferocious guard dog!!!!

Droopy likes to sit by the front door and guard the house from all the humans and doggies. Anytime anyone passes by the door she goes crazy!! Howling away, even after they are gone! Now the guard hound does not discriminate! She howls at doggies on walkies with their humans, doggies just roaming around the neighborhood, little humans on bikes, teenage humans on skateboards, and older humans on walkies.

The best part is I can trick her into becoming the ferocious guard dog!! While Droopy is laying quietly in the living room I will jump up and run to the door which causes Droopy to jump up and run to the door howling the entire way! I sneak off laughing while momma tries to quiet Droopy down. Then momma fusses at me!

The ferocious guard hound

Sniff ya later
Callie (and Droopy too)


  1. Well it is a hard job and some hound has to do it!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps Harry used to sit with his legs like that all the time!
    Funnily enough neither Martha or Bailey do - cute!

  2. Callie you little minx to tease Droopy like that, and make her howl. We think most is okak but little old people on zimers is a bit much.

  3. Hey! Guard duty is important. PeeWee does the same thing to me all barking and yelling and waking me up and confusing me to go and bark at the door. You just let her do her job properly.


  4. That picture is so cute - I love how her legs are sprawled out. Good girl Callie!