Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A two-part post

Droopy and Callie here

Part 1:
We went to Dog Day Afternoon last Sunday. It had rained the night before so it was chilly that day but we didn't mind. We should tell you that the LASPCA hosts Dog Day Afternoon every year and all of the money made that day goes to running the LASPCA!

Before we got to Dog Day Afternoon we stopped and picked up Me-me and The Sister. Now we haven't mentioned The Sister before; she's momma's sister and she likes to come over and love on us big time but she's kinda crazy and doesn't always come to doggie events with us. She also has a nickname for Callie and it is Sappy. Get it- Droopy and Sappy. Momma doesn't find it amusing.

The Sister

We got to Dog Day Afternoon, we roamed around, visiting different booths. We got a free pass to Camp Bow Wow, which is a doggie day care and boarding facility, We walked around some more and got lots of good treats. The Sister got a hot dog with blue cheese on it and shared some blue cheese with us. Yummers!!!!! Momma bought a t-shirt with the Dog Day Afternoon logo on it. Me-me bought us "Wag Dat" doggie shirts and Momma bought raffle tickets for a basket full of yogurt milkbones.

We also bumped into a lovely gentleman named Dudley. Dudley Woo-woo to be exact. We had met him at Barkus but Momma had failed to take his picture.

Dudley woo-woo looks alot like Callie from this angle.

We decided to head out early because Me-me and The Sister were complaining about how cold they were. As we started to head back to Momma's car they started to announce the raffle winners and guess who they called first!!!! The Cheesehounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went home with a basket full of yogurt covered milkbones!!! YUMMERS!!!!!! We've been sharing them, we promise!

Sorry about the serious lack of pictures from our adventures at Dog Day Afternoon. It was very cold and Momma said her fingers were frozen in her pockets!!!!

Part 2:
We mentioned our friend Dasher was on the news. Well Dasher has a long back story.

Dasher lived a few miles away from us and one day he was roaming around and got hit by a car!!!!!!! Someone picked him up and brought him to the Humane Society. Both of Dasher's back legs and hips were broken. When we found out about Dasher, back in December, he had been at the Humane Society for a few days and the people who ran the shelter was trying to raise money for him!!!

Please don't feel obligated to donate money for Dasher, although if you really want to that would be great! We just wanted to share his story with everyone!!!!

Sniff ya later,
Droopy and Callie

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